Two Paths to Become a Published Author

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    Long before they finish the book, most aspiring authors dream of seeing their published work on bookstores’ shelves and the best seller’s list. They also begin the process of pitching their book idea to editors at traditional publishing houses.

    Another path to sharing your book with the world is one chosen by many savvy writers — self-publishing.

    Whether you’re already a published author or you’re close to completing your book, this short guide offers a few tips on choosing the best publishing option for your project. Take a minute and see what you think about going with an alternative to traditional publishing.

    Is Traditional Publishing My Best Option?

    Perhaps you’ve heard that signing on with a publishing house is the most valid pathway to becoming a best-selling author. While there is truth to that statement, you’ll discover both advantages and disadvantages to the traditional publishing model.

    One of the most significant pros is the team of professionals assigned to work with you on every aspect of your book project. The team includes (but isn’t limited to):

    • Editors
    • Proofreaders
    • Formatters
    • Cover Designers
    • Marketers

    You’ll also have more time to write since you won’t be responsible for all of the above tasks that authors who choose self-publishing must take care of independently.

    Things to Consider about Working with a Publishing House

    The aspect of having a dedicated team is enticing, along with many other advantages you could enjoy. Still, there are also a few disadvantages you’ll want to consider, including a long publishing process, tedious contracts, and a loss of creative control.

    One of the most significant drawbacks is the difficulty the average author experiences while trying to break into the world of book publishing.

    After you sign your book deal, you may not see your work on the bookstore shelf for up to two and a half years. You’ll need a lot of patience!

    Say Hello to Self-Publishing

    Just like traditional publishing offers multiple benefits, so does taking the independent road. Self-publishing has been a buzzword among writers for several years now, but it’s looking more attractive all the time.

    Technology makes it possible for any person who can write (and some who can’t) to reach their goal of turning their writing hobbies into a paying writing gig. With multiple online platforms for self-published authors, seeing that book in print can be a reality for you.

    If the idea of keeping creative control appeals to you, this could be the answer. And all the jobs the dedicated team at the publishing house does for their client don’t necessarily fall solely on you. You will still have access to your team, including the team member you choose for hardcover book printing.

    Ready to Be a Published Author?

    We think either road to writing and producing a book offers excellent benefits to aspiring writers. Are you inspired to take the next step to become a published author?

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