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Triple Advantage of Virtual Instructor Led Interactive Learning Solutions

Due to the fast growth of technology, lifestyles of people have changed considerably. Personal interactions are few and far between, while at the same time, the amount of time spent on the ubiquitous mobile phone is increasing. People are forming a habit of using the virtual world exposed to them through their smart devices for entertainment, communication and even learning. This change in outlook has prompted many transformations in different fields. Even the world of training hasn’t remained untouched from this phenomenon and we are seeing a rise in VLIT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training) programs.

Interactive learning solutions that include a virtual instructor have become a reality. Employing such training solutions to upskill employees are gaining ground on traditional learning methods because of the triple advantage they offer:

  1. Reduction in cost– With a virtual trainer presiding over training sessions, there is no need to hire trainers on your payroll. These training video sessions promote self-learning and employees can play them on their laptops themselves.
  2. Enhanced learning– VLIT programs comprise short sessions and can be revisited many times as per learner requirements. In traditional training scenarios, trainees may be too reluctant to ask the trainers when they haven’t understood a particular concept. With VLIT, there is no such problem and employees can repeat the same training session as many times as they want on their laptop, up until they have mastered the concepts.
  3. Allow for collaboration– By integrating chat windows in a live VLIT session, it is possible to make the sessions even more interactive. Learners can collaborate in training sessions: pointing to each other what’s important and what’s not or explaining a confusing part of the module to a friend. The best apart about online collaboration is that the training sessions remain un-impacted as in the case of real-life classroom sessions where trainers get offended when the trainees are chatting amongst themselves.

Although VLIT is without a doubt the torchbearer of next-gen learning, designing virtual instructor-led trainingmodules is not an easy task. Designing such modules require comprehensive knowledge of the technology along with a good grasp of the content that is relevant to the process. At MPS Interactive, you get access to the long-term experience of innovative training designers and content creators. The company has worked in the training industry for nearly 3 decades and has significant knowledge of designing virtual instructor-led training programs.

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