If there was one thing that we could agree upon as representing the cultures of the people we come across around the world, it would be their food. It demonstrates people’s religion and lifestyle choices. Therefore if we are to try to understand trends in society, taking a look at the trends to be found in food can’t help but give us useful information.

So what can the trends of Gen Z tell us about the future of food in America today?

Let us take a deeper look into it and why it is important.

Why Is Gen Z So Important?

Gen Z is different from any other generation before them. Unable to remember a time before smartphones or on-demand television, they make up at least 20% of the current population. While they may not be adults yet, not only are they the potential long term customers of tomorrow, but they are becoming the tastemakers of today.

To ignore their influence would be suicide for anyone involved in business today, including the food and beverage industry.

More Diversity Means More Variety

One clear trend in society is that parents of Gen Z children report their children to be are more willing to try different types of cuisines. Gone are the days where only the most adventurous among us tried anything out of the ordinary.

Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, and Ethiopian are likely to have all been tried by those who live in the bigger cities across America by the time that they are 18.

This makes perfect sense for 2 reasons. The first is that they are the children of Generations X and Y, both of whom were witnesses to the spread of globalization. This meant that access to multicultural foods was more available to them.

The traditional hesitant attitude to other cultures has slowly wilted away as we have a more inclusive society. The parents of Gen Z kids by now have tried a variety of foods, figured out what they like, and now are bringing their children along for the ride.

The second reason is that Gen Z is the most ethnically diverse generation in history. A knock of effect is regular exposure to different foods from a young age. Simply staying at a friend’s house today means being fed food from other cultures without even trying hard.

Authenticity and Social Media: Two Trends in Society You Can’t Ignore

Being exposed to good multicultural foods such as found at the Garland Bazaar and other food halls are exactly what the younger generation wants. However, what is also necessary is getting a genuine experience and sharing that with the world.

The social foodie consumer isn’t interested only in trying new things but also want to feel connected to the foodie culture of choice. In fact, if it isn’t “Instagramable,” then forget it. A strong emphasis is pushed onto aesthetics as well as where things are from, so taking this into account for any forward-thinking food-related business is a must.

The Future Is Now

Although it is easy to not pay attention to Gen Z as they are the younger generation, we can already see that their impact is so much more significant than adolescents of the generations before them.

They cannot and will not be ignored.

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