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Transforming Your Sales Strategy to Convert More Leads

Conversion is a keyword for all sales personnel. This is what they do to get customers for the organization. Leads can be generated through various means. Someone who visits your website is a lead. But converting the lead into a customer, who will spend money and buy your product is the most important work for a salesperson. In today’s competitive world, salespeople have to do much more to convert leads. They need to design an innovative sales strategy to help them increase their conversion rate. Let’s see how this can be done.

Ensure you know your target market

The target market is those whom your business want to focus on and who would buy your products. You need to ensure that you get the right target market. Your sales strategies and action plans must be focused on the target market. If this is not done, you may get leads from people who never intend to buy your product and naturally, your conversion rates will be low. So make sure your target market is well defined and you concentrate on them.

Focus on lead quality

Lead quantity is about getting more leads. It looks good on a report, but doesn’t mean anything in reality. Let’s assume A get 1000 leads and converts 5 of them. On the other hand, B gets 200 leads and converts 4 of them. Naturally, B is more effective probably because he focuses on quality leads and not quantity. Getting the right leads matters a lot. So, your focus should not be to get more leads, but to get leads who are part of your target market and would be interested to buy your product.

Rank your leads

Use ranking so that you can decide which leads are more valuable and you can prioritize your work and first focus on high ranked leads. You may get hundreds of leads and it is practically not possible to focus on all of them at the same time. So prioritize! Devise a system to give a score to each of the leads based on your assessment of their potential to become a customer. Give a score to the leads and then rank them. Take up the top-ranked leads first as they are more likely to give you business. The lower ranked leads would naturally get lower priority. Making use of best CRM software will help carry out the scoring and ranking easily as you need not spend much time doing it manually, the software will do everything for you. In case you do not have access to a company CRM software, you can use any of the CRM tools that can be downloaded from various websites, including trial versions of well-known products.

Reach out to the customer

Once you have ranked your leads and you know where to start, reach out to the customer. Make sure you use the communication channel that the customer prefers. You could establish communication through emails, Whatsapp or online chat tools from your website. Many customers nowadays do not like to be called on the phone. So confirm through message or mail if the lead is interested to talk and only then use the phone. For certain products, you may need to personally interact with the lead. So personal meetings can be fixed. Make sure you fix such calls and meetings at the customer’s convenience. Never pressurize the lead as he may get irritated and block you out. Once you establish contact, make sure you address the needs of the lead and project how your product or service meets those needs. Invite objections from the lead, so that you can handle them and clarify all his doubts.


Follow-up with the lead and find out if he was happy with the first meeting. Ask him if there is anything else he wants to know. Provide information like user guides, FAQ’s etc. so that the lead can get a better idea of the product. You have to follow-up if you want the order, but at the same time do it in such a way that the prospective customer doesn’t feel you are being an irritant. You must remember that follow up doesn’t mean calling every alternate day, it is all about trying to connect with the customer and try to find out what is stopping them from buying from you.

Tap into happy customers

Every salesperson must remember that their happy customers are their best ambassadors. So tap into them to help you to convert. Collect testimonials from your satisfied customers. It can be in the form of letters or even video testimonials. This can be used effectively to convert. Remember that your leads will check Google reviews and other online sites, so make sure you convince your happy customers to give you good ratings. This is by far the most powerful strategy to convert leads.

Converting leads to customers is the most important work of a sales team in an organization. In today’s scenario, where competition is at all-time highs, you need to relook and transform your strategies to ensure you can convert more leads and be successful.

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