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Top Ways to Positively Transform the Digital Customer Experience

Communicating with your customers and clients online and through the latest digital channels, is now the predominant way to keep in touch with customers and clients and keep them aware of the latest offers from your business. However, for many a business, their digital communication has become stale and reliant on the generic text message sent to as many numbers as you can get your hands on, or mass emails that serve to annoy the recipient rather than to excite and motivate. This article will provide some discussion on the top 4 ways to improve your digital customer communication and keep it fresh and lively.

  • Social media marketing

Most people now use a form of social media for both communication with others in the sector and to keep in touch with clients and customers as to new and latest offers. As social media also becomes one of the top marketplaces online it is now also a space for people to shop and make purchases. Your social media must be on point and designed with these functions in mind. Social media marketing is a must and must also have the ability to develop into an additional marketplace. The idea here is to be where your customers and clients are.

  • Chat bots and automated communication

Your clients and customers now want to be able to communicate with you when and as they want to with a sense of immediacy. By using the latest chat bot technology, you will be able to provide communication on a 24/7 basis. You must be clear with the customer that communication is via chat bot and is automated, so that they are aware that you may not be able to provide answers to all of their queries. This use of cloud-based tech is the epitome of the digital transformation customer experience, and to learn more click here.

  • Use AI as much as is possible

Artificial intelligence has come a long way and is now seen as the future of all marketing and customer communication. You can save time and resources and replace the human element in the marketing process. However, it needs to feel as human as possible and as such needs to be as intelligent and human like in responses as is technologically possible. It is however a form of communication, that if conducted intelligently and professionally is becoming widely accepted by customers as the best way to get an immediate response, or in the least be added to the waiting list for a human agent to return their call/answer the query.

The 3 tips mentioned in this article are all about getting your business marketing to be the best it can be. By thinking of it in terms of a holistic digital customer experience rather than simply as a means to sell and move product you will be surprised at how many customers you are able to secure and keep. As a business you must be able to use everything that you have at your disposal and invest in the appropriate technology to be able to provide for such and experience.

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