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Top tips for getting millions of app downloads


You got a top mobile app idea and want to convert it into a top and successful mobile application. Now examining the market situation and the mobile app world, you got the idea that it is not that easy to make the app successful!

For that matter, you choose the leading mobile app development company for transforming that mobile app idea into a reality. With so many efforts made, your app is about to get ready. In the midst, you need to be sure of how to attract users to the application too.

No user will be coming to you on their own until and unless you go to them and market your app to them. At the same time, there are already over 5 million mobile applications available, out of which many are word of the mouth whereas the maximum is failing miserably. In such a stiff competition, not just making your app successful, safeguarding it and sustaining the competition is also important. 

For old lad with the mobile app development world still be aware of how to make things, however, a person with prior experience and knowledge might find the process too challenging to survive. 

Thus, to make the path a little easier, here are the tips for not just making the app successful but also timely getting a good number of downloads. 

How to increase mobile app downloads

The rightly designed icon

Users find visual content more appealing than the written one in the very first go. Thus, in order to attract users to your application, it is your responsibility to make the app icon not just appealing but also appropriate as per the app’s ideology. 

Also, it should be easily recognizable with a clear representation of the app’s function and the brand’s ideology. Make sure you are not experimenting with it too much and at the same time, not leaving its essence too. 

A demo video

Users often like to know about the application in lesser time, thus investing in the right 30-second video is mandatory. The video should be the representation of what the app is all about and what it will be providing users. This will result in increasing the download count. Though you will also be writing about the app and adding a few screenshots too, however, a demo video always takes the limelight. 

App store optimization 

App store optimization or Search engine optimization is the key to attain more number of downloads to the application. Though both are required to make the app visible in the app stores, however, ASO is something tailored for increasing the app visibility. 

For that, you need to take care of a few things like- 

  • Relevant keyword– The apt and right use of keywords for the app’s title and description.
  • App categories- the next thing to take care of is defining the app into the app category. This should be done wisely & strategically.
  • Reviews- More number of positive reviews and responses to the app results in making the app reach the top chart. 
  • Location– See who your target audiences are and tailor the app description as per them. This works as translating the app description into the respective language or choosing the images/screenshots that are relevant and appropriate for the region.
  • App engagement- The number of app engagements impacts the success of the app. Thus, it is crucial to keep an eye on who users are interacting with the application while looking at the percentage of people who first downloaded the app and uninstall it. 
  • Social platforms– Your app and the responses it gets from the social media platforms also determine if the app is worthy of downloading.

A website

App marketing is also about making the app easy to find. For mass reach and easy search to the app, it is recommended to link the app to the website and also to the blog. 

The website presents the authenticity of the business and also of the brand and ultimately the application. Also, a website is something which is often seen by the users first either for their queries or for getting things there. 

For better visibility, make the website SEO optimized along with writing a blog explaining the features and core values of the app to the users for maximum attention.

Measure the metrics

Knowing how and where your app is performing the best can make them strengthens efforts accordingly while making hard work for the missed areas. By getting the analytics and metrics of the performance of your application, it will be easier for you to understand how to attracts users to the app. 

App’s deep links

The next way to increase app downloads is to create deep links to the application. This allows users to showcase their app experience. Deep links into the applications are highly used by top organizations for enhanced user experience. This makes the app visible and accessible to users. 

Through it, users will also be helping you to gain an understanding of how they are encountering your application along with showcasing you the metrics too. 

Reviews and testimonials

One of the ways that make the app even more downloadable is reviews and testimonials. A user can judge the application by the reviews, ratings, and testimonials given to the application. 

Thus, make sure you are highlighting the positive ones whereas replying to the negative ones too. Never hide negative reviews from the users, in fact, keep them intact. By not hiding the negative ones, you are showing users how you care about each remark and what are you doing to sort them.

These are some of the ways through which you can make your app a downloadable app, better than before. However, there are more ways that should be followed for better results. 

To get great results, not to forget to connect with the leading and expert app developers. 

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