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Top Seven Things to do When Vacationing in Brisbane

Brisbane, third most populous city of Australia, has lately acquired much popularity as a travel destination. Pleasant weather, breathtaking cliffs, immaculate beaches, and various prominent attractions such as Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Stradbroke Island, Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), James Street, Botanic Gardens, etc. are a few distinguishing aspects that manage to drive a large number of tourists beyond geographical boundaries. Well, in the following write-up, I have jotted down seven adventurous activities you must participate in when vacationing in Brisbane.

  • Night Kayaking at Wrecks- One of the best ways perhaps to boost your adrenaline levels is kayaking through eerie wrecks of Moreton Island at night. Remember to carry bright LED lights, which would not only let you see the path in front clearly but also compel several types of fish to leap. Turtles might also come to greet. Now isn’t that simply amazing?
  • Abseiling from Kangaroo Point- Kangaroo Point is an exceptionally well-acknowledged recreation spot. You can take part in abseiling, an immensely exhilarating sport where people are required to descend from a specific height using double ropes coiled tightly around their body. Kangaroo Point also stands to treasure about two hundred ancient Mormon temples.
  • Visiting Hatted Restaurants- Brisbane is known for being home to several prominent hatted restaurants. In addition to obviously savouring delectable dishes and refreshing beverages, you can also shop from high-end malls, enjoy in flashy bars, or simply relax in Elizabeth Picture Theatre- a reputed five star cinema hall.
  • Tattooing- You can fulfil your lifelong dream of getting inked. There are several award winning tattoo artists in Brisbane, specifically Lutwyche- a residential suburb, who are noted for etching aesthetically pleasing and profoundly meaningful designs on one’s skin with maximum precision, inflicting as little pain as possible. A few styles readily available out here include black & grey, colour, water colour, mandala, sleeve, portrait, etc.
  • Exploring Fort Lytton-Fort Lytton was established in 19th century primarily for protecting Brisbane from frequent enemy attacks by ship. Every Thursday, talented performers enact the story of First World War heroes and Raymond Augustus Stanley- a Brisbane local. High quality sound, light, projection, and overall ambience would most surely transport you to those days seamlessly. You can also opt for a guided tour to Fort Lytton National Park.
  • Connecting with Aboriginals-Almost all travellers have agreed to enjoy getting a glimpse of the very unique aboriginal culture. A brand-new and extremely invigorating live theatre is noted for taking audience to 1800s for properly experiencing the challenges that natives of Australia had to face due to British rule. The show is laid within an Australian town built keeping society of 19th century in mind, having a church, indigenous village, and pub.
  • Admire Buddhist and Hindu Temples- Chung Tian Buddhist temple is constructed following Chinese architecture with gold and red theming. You can visit tea room for the ceremony, roam about inside the art gallery, or enjoy a meal in the diner. Sri Selva Vinayakar Temple is a Hindu temple recently built here.

Indulging in all activities specified above would most surely make your trip to Brisbane quite enriching and pave way for lasting memories.

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