China: This is the market that wants a piece of each. With more than 1.5 billion people, your target market is here, even if you are not. But, entering the market does not make it rain just rain.

China’s customers are being bombarded with businesses that make them both domestic and foreign. To get a piece of pie for your business, you need to come up with a good idea, complex investigation project.

Nobody is saying that it’s not easy. But any demographic report will tell you that your bottom line is to take advantage.

These tips are taking you to the right direction and will be ready to market for Chinese audience.

Do your research
Analyzing tools at your disposal at this market are things that you can dream only in the rest of the world. Want cross-section of a brand’s TMall / Taobao search volume, customer spending, location, etc. etc.? You can do it with a personal account. You can also share whatever you can find on the social media platform. Imagine your ability to do business with business options.

Plus, why do you take time to market your target market shops, eCommerce app on markets like TMall and Focus your efforts and improve your shop instead.

Use the information available about hobby, cost of level, and geographic location to understand and engage with your buyers and craft brand stories. This way your company will come out of other entities.

Be mobile
Mobile usage in China, especially e-commerce and social media, looks like many other markets like they are trapped in 1990.

Double 11, the main e-shopping holiday in the country, is US $ 9 billion more than $ 9 billion in 24 hours. More than 40% of this was mobile.

The main player of the social scene WeChat, Q2 2015 had 600 million active accounts. 25% of those people checked the app more than 30 times a day. (Source) B2B also, the app penetration rate (95% north) makes it an easy way to sell and redefine CRM.

In short, if you are not mobile-friendly or are ready to jump into a wide range of WeChat, then give it a priority.

Badoo is not Google WeChat is not WhatsApp.
This is a mistake to try these platforms as “China Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Widespread” or “Chinese Google.” Maybe it was true at one point, but now they themselves have come.

WeChat is a messaging platform that is completely private. If you see a photo or video shared by a friend and commentary, only friends friend with you will see this. Everything only looks at the picture. For businesses, government accounts can communicate with images, articles, videos, games, audio messages, and followers – through private interaction with all people. Businesses can also accept payments through the application directly and customer service.

With BEDO, SEO is a complete animal. The first page has been created as it is so unwanted that the heat map for the rating of users will click on the next page. What does it show instead? Baidu Answers, Baidu Bike (An Encyclopedia), Baidu Shopping, Payment Ads, etc. Very Non-Google.

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