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Top location tracking app for parents to control their kids, activities


We have seen immense changes in the behavior of youngsters over the past 20 years. The youngsters who want to be obedient and active are gradually becoming more like sloths. They are slow, lazy and on top of that, they are doing not listen. This problematic behavior gets them in trouble more often than it should. 

The world is not becoming any better. On the contrary, it is growing horrifying with each passing day. Children need a parent, a guardian now quite ever. Parents, on the other hand, are becoming busier and busier. They need concerns regarding their child, but all are trying to find a one place solution. FamiSafe parental control app is here to save lots of the day. 

Now you will keep an eye fixed on your child from wherever you will be within the house, doing whatever you would like to try to. Your child can not be the difficulty maker without anyone to observe them over. 

Why is FamiSafe the best location tracking app? 

Now, we all know you’ve got questions on FamiSafe. Its reliability, affordability, and far more. Grab your seats and stay because we are going to unveil the only solution to regulate your children and the whole family. 

This app offers multiple features to suit all of your needs big or small. It will act as a location tracker, a blocker, and a manager all at an equivalent time. 

Real-time location tracker 

This app comes with a true-time location tracker which suggests that you simply can ask your child to share their location with you at any time and you’ll see it sitting in your home. 

You can even check their battery timing and track their phone activity. You will receive relevant alerts throughout the day. 

Locational Tracking 

Location tracking may be a feature like no other. By using this feature you’ll pin specific location and add fences around all the locations you think that is safe for your child to go to. If your child will beat those fences you’ve got set with geo fencing the tracker will notify you as soon as possible. You will then use the important time location feature to trace them down otherwise you can get to them their phone and keep them far away from the fences. 

Locational tracking also allows you to feature check-ins.  Whenever your child would sign up at a secure location you’ll get a notification. You furthermore may get a daily report for your child’s visit to any location. It’ll tell you the time they need to be spent within the exact place. 

Phone control 

FamiSafe may be a smart location tracking app but it’s also a tremendous app manager and blocker. You will use parental controls to dam any unnecessary apps you think aren’t good for your child. you’ll track their everyday time that they spend on each app and obtain a daily report for every app. You’ll control the online content also by fixing controls for the content you permit them to observe and therefore the content you would like them to remain far away from. You will also check the history of recently in use and any apps that are deleted from the phone. 

Blocking feature 

This kid tracker app gives you the freedom to settle on apps and webpages of your choice for your kid. You will make a blacklist and white list to sort your content. If your child tries to open any site that you simply have blocked you’ll receive the notification telling you about the breach. 

This helps you keep any unwanted content far away from your child including explicit websites and violent content of any kind. 

How to download the app? 

It is even as simple as downloading the other app. Visit the shop you have got available on your phone and download the app, then simply, install and obtain the subscription. This app is available for Android, Mac, Windows, and it can easily run on your phone or PC. Click the links below to urge your app now, 

Google Play

Apple Store

Amazon Store


Payment details

The app is quickly available to anyone due to its affordable rates. You will choose between the subsequent plans, 

A monthly fee is 9.99$ 

3 months for six .99$ monthly (pay one time) 

12 months for 4.99$ monthly (pay, one time) 

These plans cost nothing if you compare them to the features you get. The value decreases if you increase the number of months. This just one occasion investment is great for a secure future. 


As the name indicates, the FamiSafe may be a family tracker for you and your whole family. It offers control, safety, and management under but 10$. It is an ideal app from a price point and otherwise. This app helps you safeguard your children and your family and ensures to be the guardian at times once you could not be there. 

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