Top hotel amenities that will stand out from the rest and impress your guests!


    The niche of your hotel will greatly determine the type of travellers you have coming to stay. Regardless of whether you are a 5-star establishment or a 3-star hotel, you need customers to survive in the industry. It pays to put effort into your hotel amenities as they can be the difference between them coming back or not. Not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place, we’ve compiled a list of hotel amenities that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

    What are hotel amenities?

    Hotel amenities are a useful or desirable inclusion that accommodation providers offer their guests. They can be complimentary or added for an additional cost. Over the years, the expectation that more than the basics will be provided has grown and an increasing number of accommodation providers are catering to this to stay ahead of their competition. Offering quality amenities that your guests will enjoy will increase the likelihood of them returning and even better, recommending your stay to others. Word of mouth is a powerful tool that will get your hotel recognised and promote business growth.

    Personalise features in their room 

    It doesn’t have to be something elaborate it can be something as simple as having a welcome note that is addressed to them. You can step it up a notch by including a welcome basket for your guests on arrival with their name on a gift tag. This is sure to be well received. To make it even more personalised, you can ask them a series of questions about their favourite foods, intolerances etc before they stay and include some of their favoured treats.

    Travelling with kids is stressful so if you have families staying, think of ways you can make their visit more enjoyable so once they arrive they can relax. For instance, if they have a baby, make sure you have a cot or alternative set up and ready to go, a highchair and include a basket of toys and board games that they can play with when they are spending time in the room. Sources of entertainment for times when you are at the hotel are often forgotten about by parents. They are a great way to keep the kids occupied when having a bit of downtime and quality time together as a family.

    Include locally sourced amenities

    This is a great way to give your guests a sense of what the location has to offer. You can do this by sourcing locally made toiletries or including food products that had been made in the area. If you can, choose products that reflect the locality as well as your business theme. For example, if your hotel is situated in a coastal town but your stay has an urban street vibe choosing scents reminiscent of the ocean is probably not the best choice. Select items that are local yet authentic to your accommodation.

    Partner with local businesses

    If you don’t provide meals at your venue, delight your guests by providing them with a discount voucher or a free meal/drink at a local restaurant or bar. If you want to give your guests the ultimately culinary experience offer cooking classes once or twice a week onsite. Partner with a local chef or utilise your own in-house chef if you have one. You can include this free of charge or at a cost. Keep in mind though, the more money you charge for it the less likely your guests are going to take it up. Source produce that is exceptional quality in your area.

    Offer a selection of toiletries

    Every accommodation venue provides toiletries, right? A great way to stand out is to let your guests choose from a variety of toiletries. This way they can select a scent that appeals to them rather than just what’s offer. Once you have done this for a while, you’ll get an idea of which toiletries are popular and you can order stock accordingly. Staying somewhere is all about comfort and this adds to it.

    Bring the entertainment to your hotel

    When staying away from home, most of us like to enjoy new experiences and food. Why not bring entertainment and fun to your venue? If your budget allows and you have space consider including a restaurant, cafe, or bar. While it is an initial investment, the revenue potential is huge. You can offer guests a complimentary drink with their stay which they are likely to take you up on and in turn, spend more money when they’re there, its win, win. If you have a pool, it’s clever to build it near this as this sets the tone for relaxation. No pool? What about your rooftop? You are only limited by your imagination.

    Complimentary transport

    Offering your guests a free local transport service is a huge plus that is guaranteed to be appreciated and utilised by your guests. Not having to organise a taxi to get around town or worrying about getting home when they go out for dinner and have a few drinks is the definition of convenience and can enhance your guests stay drastically.

    Offering your guests something unique and practical is a sure-fire way to impress and have them boasting about their stay. Here at LePack we have an extensive range of hotel amenities. Check out our collection online.

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