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Top 7 Ways to Write Effective Guest posts


A guest post is a post that the author gets it published on another blog or website by contacting its owner. It benefits both the blog owner and contributor, both. The blog owners get a free article for website promotion and keep getting additional traffic at all the times without worrying about the content arrangement. Contributors, with a do-follow link, get the referral traffic to his/her website, business opportunities, and free advertising of their business to millions of potential clients all across the globe.

However, getting the desires success in guest blogging doesn’t come easy. Sometimes, website owners (who deal in pure SEO and related SEO services) reject your posts citing different reasons. Therefore, we will discuss some useful tips to write effective guest posts easily and effortlessly & get it published without facing lots of questions from Guest Website Owners. Let’s get started now.

  1. Do Some Homework at First

Guest Blogging is not an easy task as assumed by many SEO professionals. Most of them believe that- just get the content from content developers and send it to guest website owners for publication. And their job is done. Usually, this is not a professional way of doing the guest blogging. Have a look at some basic duties which you need to perform before the commencement of the Guest Blogging-

Guest Blogging Tasks Brief Explanation A fixed Plan for Guest Blogging You should craft a proper planning for guest blogging depending on your specific targets, such as the amount of traffic and business opportunities you want to fetch via guest blogging, live links per month, etc. Workforce Always keep in mind that Guest blogging can’t be performed alone with absolute perfection. You should have at least 3 SEO professionals, one designer and at least 2 content writers to keep the work going. Finding A Suitable Niche Always keep in mind that people are desperate for getting high-quality content free of cost. If you end of choosing a wrong niche and keep contributing posts to low- authority websites, forget about the desired results. Research and find a suitable niche.


  1. A Unique Title for Guest Posts

Many SEO professionals, who face immense pressure from their seniors to show their performance in guest blogging and get posts published in bulk, have a bad habit of choosing copied titles, that are already available on the Internet.

Even reckless content writers write content on that and pass it to SEOs for guest blogging. As per my opinion, it’s a complete wastage of the resources of the organization for which you are doing Guest Blogging as even an excellent piece of content is useless if it is attached with a copied title. So, always do the research and analysis work and create a new title for Guest blogging. Only then, you will be available to offer some value to customers and expect repeated business from them.

  1. Say No to Copied Content & Cut-paste Job

Believe my words, duplicate content is the root of 99% of all problems in the web-based business. Search engines endlessly demand unique content to show your brand in their top search results. But, the actual pace of creative content writing demands a lot of research work and analysis. So, if you are eyeing to achieve bigger goals in Guest Blogging, just write unique, meaningful, and easy-to-understand content in simple language. Just say no to duplicate content & cut-paste job.

  1. Content Beautification

Many content writers have a wrong perception that content is text only. If you also hail from those group of people, change your habits now. Always keep in mind that a great piece of content fails to attract the targeted audience if its presentation style is unimpressive. Have a look at some important tips for content beautification:

Content Beautification Tips Brief Explanation Catchy Titles & Sub-titles Write Catchy Titles and Subtitles and keep the font size anywhere between 14- 16. Also, capitalize each letter of titles and subtitles. Image content Add relevant image content (With ALT tags) in text files to help visitors understand your content easily and effortlessly. Links to Useful content While writing content for Guest blogging, add facts and perform hyperlinking to support the mentioned facts. Data Charts Provide charts and diagram in your content to make it look appealing. A Brief Summary Write a 50-60 words summary for your content.

  1. Word Length & Guidelines

In several cases, your posts are rejected by the owners of guest websites because you don’t follow their guidelines. Just write the content submission guidelines and pay attention to the word length in particular. Generally, Guest posts are of 500, 700, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 words.

  1. Content Proofreading

Content proofreading is one such monotonous task even the most experienced content writers and SEO professionals tend to avoid as they have to analyze the content from A- Z from different angles, find out possible errors, and remove them completely. The more your proofread your content, the more the chances will be of its publication.

  1. Add Author’s Profile Along with the Content

Always keep in mind that people always try to know the name behind a viral content. The same logic is applied at articles aimed at Guest Blogging. Just add a small description about the author/company, etc, to your content before its submission to the Guest Website owner. Chances of approval and publication of the content become higher in such case.

Final Words

Different companies and firms rely on Guest Blogging to generate sufficient traffic and business opportunities. Just follow the above-mentioned tips to write valuable posts for Guest Blogging and gain the desired success sooner than later.

Author Bio: Morris Edwards is an web developer & Marketing expert, employed with Awebstar Technologies Pte Ltd– which offers affordable social media optimization. If you have a business website then you could do a lot by listening to some of what Morris has to say. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to get his new articles and updates instantly.

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