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Top 7 Tools & Software Every E-Commerce Startup Should Use

For every startup or entrepreneur, it is a daunting task to keep all their data under control and have everything in order, right from taking orders to ensure every minor detail meets perfectly with the demands of merchants and wholesalers. The truth is that ranging from back-end, finances, to front-end developments, to product launches and marketing, a startup needs to ensure everything is under their control. Most businesses end up wasting their time and money on administrative tasks but turning to fully automated options using powerful tools, this is something that can change the way businesses operate.

Using well-developed tools & Software for Startups and good B2B order management tools is a smart choice since it can clear the chance of spending more on overhead costs, and spending more cash to back up the business. Every business needs to operate in their financial boundary, and having the right tools can easily lift several administrative burdens.

As you go through this post, you will learn about the top ten best startup tools and software that help to push a startup business forward.

1. MailChimp

Nowadays, email marketing is on the rise, it is a great technique that comes down from several years and one that actually makes a noticeable impact on businesses. The fact is that email marketing continues to generate several thousands of leads for most startups. Today, MailChimp stands out as a great premium tool that lets startups design the best newsletters as well as manage their email subscribers easily. Using this application, users can monitor their sales efficiently and check email marketing. Every year, millions of users turn to this application, and as a startup, you should not miss this as well.

2. Order Circle

For every startup, especially if it is an e-commerce website, it is a challenge for them to manage their wholesale orders, and keep a track on the inventory of bulk orders from several merchants. Thanks to smart wholesale selling tools like Order Circle, inventory management and order, management is a hassle-free, properly streamlined process.  Now, as a startup, you can give your customers the best e-commerce experience and give them exactly what they expect from an online wholesaler. You can add products quickly, invite your customers, customize price lists and place orders in the best manner online.

3. Wave Apps

In addition, it is possible to manage finance as a startup if you turn to smart tools. You need to avoid making several mistakes and the best way is to use Wave Apps, which is a free accounting software or tool designed especially for startups. This is a great app, one, that lets startups keep a check on their accounts, and generate the best accounts to manage payment receipts. It is a cool one, which integrates with a startups bank account or accounts like PayPal to make entries automatically, generate and manage balance sheets in the best professional way for startups.

4. Asana

Another great tool for management is Asana , which lets startups get more work done with just little efforts. It helps with proper collaboration and the conversations help through emails, rather than using in-app communication systems, and improving the productivity of employees. This tool also works as a great CRM a defect-tracking app that is so much more than a management app for products. For startups, it is advisable to have a tool that should enable users to get more work done efficiently. Click here for Asana alternative

5. Zoho Books

Another great tool to try is Zoho Books, which is a business software that comes with the help desk, CRM, and aids in bookkeeping services. If you are planning to use other tools, with CRM, it will be helpful to use this business finance software as well. Using this tool, you can use more of its features that offer more in bookkeeping, and use the features to sell the services and not only the products.

6. Intercom

Other innovative tool startups should try including Intercom, although it is slightly expensive for startups, it helps to make communication easier with visitors and helps in targeting in-app messages. Based on visitor’s timings and behaviors, it is easier to set triggers. Manage live chats, emails, and you can get into the point of interacting with visitors right away. Engage your audience in a better manner, which should aid in sales and establish better relationships with valued customers. Some major businesses also make this tool a great option to connect with visitors.

7. Prezi

There was a time, even until date, the use of Microsoft PowerPoint was something people considered as lame, and this made business meetings quite boring. When you run a startup, it should not actually be boring. Prezi is a commendable tool, one that allows users to create captivating and attractive presentations that should engage businesses. It has 3D effects, which are all part of its templates and this helps to spice up business meetings with clients.

Since startups face the hassle of low resources, turning to these tools will help businesses to achieve their goals and fulfill their tasks. They help to save time and money by letting businesses invest time in developing their products and services.


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