Top 7 Factors to Consider when Hiring Commercial Cleaning Service

Finding the right cleaning services for your business gives you more than a professional look. The study shows that a dirty working environment has lasting cognitive impact on workers. A clean working environment helps to motivate your staff. This, in turn, affects their productivity. Therefore, choosing a good commercial cleaning service provider like phs group is of paramount importance. By making the right choice, you will have a great asset in your business. Here are a few tips to help you get the right cleaning services for your business.

1. Reputation

The right people to confirm whether or not the cleaning company is reputable are its referrals. Ask those referrals how satisfied the cleaning company makes them, how fast they respond to the needs of clients, how reliable and consistent their services are, and any other question that is relevant to your company. A reputable cleaning company will offer quality services.

2. Price

Look for a company that gives pricing proposals based on your business and not those that charge the same price no matter the needs of the commercial property. The right company will come to your business and take a tour of the facility to come up with a quote that suits your needs. By so doing, you will be sure of what you are paying for.

3. Services

You should look for a company offering full-suite cleaning services. These services should include sanitation services, support cleaning services, and outdoors and indoors services. Do not hire a company that does not commit to harder and more time-consuming cleaning services.

4. Equipment

Any commercial cleaning service provider that believes in offering high standard services will have the right equipment for the job. Such a company should maintain and services all equipment and cater for these costs itself so that your facility is well-serviced. Also, ensure that the janitorial service firm stocks and supplies paper and cleaning items, garbage bags, and bathroom supplies. This way, your company will never run out of these critical supplies.

5. License and Insurance

An excellent commercial cleaning service company should have proper licensing and offer insurance cover related to its services. If, for example, the cleaners damage your belongings during cleaning, you will need insurance to avoid unplanned expenses.

6. Experience and Training

The right company to hire is one with adequate expertise and whose cleaners have the proper training to help them do their job well. Ask the kind of training the cleaners have and if they undergo it regularly.

7. Professionalism

You need to consider the cleaning company’s overall professionalism. Remember that the cleaners will be working on sensitive matters concerning your company. A professional company ensures that its employees wear uniforms to work at all times. A serious and professional commercial cleaner also has a good website where they advertise their services. Also, ensure that the cleaning company’s catalogs, flyers, and business cards appear professional. These are the traits of a company that plans to be in business for long, and that takes its work seriously.

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