Top 5 things to take care of before submitting your Master’s thesis

Top 5 things to take care of before submitting your Master’s thesis

Writing a master thesis or dissertation writing is a daunting task. It is basically something that cannot be taken lightly at any cost. The students need to understand that when they take up any master’s degree or a Ph.D., it is a big undertaking. Writing a master thesis or dissertation writing can be a complex task if it is not done in the right way. Whether one writes a master thesis or dissertation, one needs to be right on track. In case of the master thesis one does not get time, which might be required to do well. However, in case of dissertation writing, the process is very long. One basically works on the same subject and the same topic for about 3 to 4 years. The process can really be laborious and exhausting for the students. However, no matter for what one writes in the thesis, it is always going to be a task that requires lot of work.

There are many things which a writer needs to take care of before the submission of the master thesis. Here are some of them:

  • Making sure that the structure of the report is perfect: Before submission of the master thesis, one should take a final look at the work and should ask oneself one last time, “is the report structured well?” Obviously, there is no single structure that can be considered as the best structure for all types of theses. But one should try and select the structure that is most suitable for their thesis. For doing so, one can even consult the supervisor.
  • Enhancing the skills of writing: It is something, which is understood by all the students. At the same time, it is something, which students generally tend to miss. Before submission of the thesis, it is quite imperative that one makes sure that the writing skills are at its best. Doing an extensive research on the research topic is one thing, but conveying that research is another. Therefore, one needs to make sure that research is conveyed in the best possible manner. There are many ways which one can adopt for making sure that the quality of the thesis or dissertation is perfect. The best way is to finish the draft of thesis, and then consult supervisor for taking a look at it and suggest corrections.
  • To be sure that the document is not having plagiarism: Plagiarism is something that can disgust anyone who reads the content of writer. It is something that is looked down. Plagiarism can even cost one his/her postgraduate degree. The issue with the plagiarism is that many of the students do not commit it intentionally. The students do not realize that they are committing plagiarism while writing. Since the degree is at stake, so one should not take any risk. One should prepare beforehand so as to avoid plagiarism. Students are not aware that they are committing plagiarism when they include the specific sections of the articles without citing them. The students many a times copy and paste the content instead of paraphrasing it. This also counts as plagiarism.
  • Keeping the track of citations: While doing Master’s, one goes through piles of study material. One reads extensively about the topic and makes notes from it. The research becomes part of their life. There is the huge probability that one gets lost in the huge stocks of data that has to be included in the thesis. For avoiding this, one needs to be able to organize the bibliography. It should be kept in mind that no matter how much one reads, no matter how much research is being done, if one cannot keep the record of all that, then it is useless. Therefore it is imperative for all the students of the master thesis to keep the track of the bibliography
  • Updating the format: It is very essential that one prepares the thesis in the accepted format only. Different universities have different rules and regulations on how to format their writing. One is required to read the guidelines or rules before starting the thesis writing. It gets difficult to change the format in between the writing process. Therefore, it has to be ensured that all guidelines are being followed.

The master thesis or dissertation writing is worth a large portion of the final grade and thus one should see it as the primary task for the year. Class work is essential, but it should be kept in balance with the research work. It is tempting to fall back in the class study as it is already structured for the students, however, one should see the thesis as a chance for practicing independent research.

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