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One of the best genre that can really force you to think is suspense/thriller. It brings down your safe wall by bombarding you with prospects that you hadn’t thought were possible. So, in no particular order, we’ve rounded a list of top 5 Hollywood Thriller Movies, ranked by movie experts and film fans alike.

And in case you’re wondering, you won’t find Psycho, Godfather and a few others here as they’re on our Best Hollywood Movies List.


NORTH BY NORTHWEST - Hollywood Best Movie

A suspense icon, North by Northwest, directed by Alfred Hitchcock is frolicking action thriller which boasts one of the most famous scenes in the history of cinema. Yes, it’s the plane chase in the open field area. Hitch’s iconic “wrong man” trope is beautifully drawn here, with Cary Grant working as an ad executive who gets kidnapped for being mistaken as an agent working for the government. This blockbuster will catch you off guard with a climax atop Mount Rushmore.


The sixth sense - amazing hollywood movie

The stunning plot twist in “The Sixth Sense” has a ton of re-watchability to it. It’s a modern-day classic with Haley Joel Osment playing an unforgettable role of Cole Sear, an eight-year-old kid who sees dead people. Directed by M.Night Shyamalan, is on point by giving away some thoughtful and meaningful views on life and death.


DELIVERANCE - Poster Image Hollywood

“Deliverance” is the Hollywood’s first eco-thriller which have four city boys, who leave for a journey into the woods and for a very brief moment in the movie, are able to connect with the grim hillbillies, whom they don’t even remotely understand. It’s one of the best seat-gripping Hollywood thriller movies which has come to evoke a primal fear in viewers – it’s not just the fear of the woods but also the fear of going to an unknown place, unarmed and later being violated there.


Rear Window - Movie Poster

A masterpiece of a movie, “Rear Window” looks through the lens at the private lives of his backyard neighbors with the wheelchair-bound Jimmy Stewart. But one day, he sees something that he shouldn’t have, and he has been caught seeing that something. The movie will have on the edge with some shocking revelations at hand.


Hollywood Movie Poster - Seven

“Seven” is a staggering suspense film which shows a serial killer who begins murdering innocent people according to the seven deadly sins. While Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, the two detectives, are on a race to catch him but always fall one step short. With one of the most iconic endings of all time, Seven has made a name for itself in thriller cinema. The movie revolves around murders based on the seven deadly sins and takes a grim and gritty turn when even the family members of the detectives are also exposed to danger. A must watch!