Top 5 Data Science Certifications Programs

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Data science is becoming more important day in and day out. This is why it is inevitable that the rising demand for qualified data scientists in different sectors of the industry is increasing.  Today, data science is among the few hottest career paths. The focus on data science is just meant to expand over period as the world is heading towards processing far more data and also at a faster pace.

Data science is a dynamic discipline that involves a range of definitions, tools for data science, strategies, processes, methods, and a lot more. Although you can suddenly leap into the data science environment, it is important to understand data science in depth ahead of time.
Therefore, it is suggested that anybody who is interested in Data Science as a career, must enroll in the top data science certification program. Even though there are many different certification training programs for data science, we have hand-picked the best of the best for you. So, continue reading and choose as many certifications that suit your requirements:

Data Science Certification Programs That Are Worth It…

Becoming a certified data scientist provides a competitive individual with a distinguishing edge. Also, whether you are either a beginner or a professional, it is a chance to learn data science, and then move comfortably into the broad domains of data science and gain the basic skills. To support you in your mission, here is our selection of the five best certification programs for data science that are worth it:

SAS professional level data science certifications

There are around three certifications offered by SAS for data scientists:

  • Advanced analytics

Around 9 courses online, training for 1 year, access to the cloud software for 100 hours, as well as 3 exam vouchers are included in this program. The course comprises:

  1. SAS Enterprise Miner for Applied analytics
  2. Modeling of neural network
  3. Logistic regression for predictive modeling
  4. Data mining methods
  5. Open-source models
  6. SAS Text Miner for text analysis
  7. Essentials of time series model
  8. Data science experimentation
  9. Data science optimization concepts
  • Data curation

The data curation course is intended for individuals who really want to measure the familiarity with SAS tools and apps for data management, as well as other predictive analysis data preparation tools. There are  4 training courses and one qualification test voucher included in the package. The course comprises of:

  1. What is data curation
  2. SAS applications & tools for data management
  3. Hadoopand SAS
  4. Advanced SAS applications & tools for data management
  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

The training curriculum for Artificial Intelligence and machine learning comprises 5 online classes, you will get around 70 hours access to the cloud software along with 3 examination vouchers.  SAS suggests that individuals with practical experience in programming, regression models, SAS Viya, and neural network models can take this program. The modules of this course are:

  1. MLthrough SAS Viya
  2. SAS software for deep learning
  3. Model Studio for forecasting with SAS Viya
  4. SAS Viya for SAS visual text analysis
  5. Concepts of optimization for Artificial Intelligence and data science

All of the programs offered by SAS cost around $1,295 a year and need you to pass different examinations to finally getthe certification.


Professional ML Engineer from Google

You will get certified by Google Cloud once you will clear this exam in its beta phase. Google suggests that anybody who is interested in taking the exam for Google Cloud solutions and products have a minimum of three years of practical experience. The exam is 4 hours long, it covers 6 sections, and charges $120.

  • Data gathering& processing
  • Machine Learning problem framing
  • Development of Machine Learning model
  • Machine Learning pipeline orchestration&automation
  • Architecture for Machine Learning solution
  • Machine Learningsolution optimization, monitoring, & maintenance


IBM Data Science Certification

IBM provides this curriculum, that is provided by top management. =In this program, students will take part in a series of IBM cloud hands-on laboratories that include GitHub, Jupyter/JupyterLab, Watson Studio experience, R Studio. This IBM data science program is available online, it has 9 courses, and it takes around 10 months to finish it:

  • Introduction to data science
  • Data science tools
  • SQL and databases for data science
  • Data science methods and processes
  • Machine learning with Python
  • Data science capstone projects
  • Python for Artificial Intelligence and data science
  • Data analysis and visualization with Python

Certified Analytics Professional certification

If you are a beginner or in mid phase of your career, this program is the best fit for you. It is a vendor-neutral course designed specifically for analytics professionals. Candidates must have a graduate degree and at least five years of proven work experience or a postgraduate degree and 3 years experience at work. In order to validate soft skills, all applicants for the examination sign the code of ethics and must request a recommendation from their company.

This examination is focused on the Job Task Analysis and itincluded seven key modules:

  • Problem framing for analytics
  • Data
  • Problem framing for business
  • Selection of methods
  • Building models
  • Deployment of models
  • Managing Lifecycle

This course exam has 100 MCQsand the cost of taking the exam is around $695. The fee is reduced to $495 for INFORMS members.

Oracle BI Certification Program

This course will prepare people in using Oracle software to manage company’s activities and to generate reports, forecasts, and models. The certifications offered by Oracle are available for the first two training programs. Business intelligence training is provided by Oracle in 4 groups:

  1. Essbase: it will teach youhow to use analytical processingonline for analysis as well as forecasts
  2. BI Enterprise Edition will teach you how to develop and manage the dashboards
  3. BI Applications will teach you how to install, customize, and configure Oracle Business Intelligence applications and warehouse
  4. BI Publisher will teach you how to develop and deliver documents as well as how to do the reporting