Top 3 Sure Ways for ROI with New Roofing

Are you a property owner thinking about new roofing for your home or business? Not sure if the investment is worth the considerable price tag? With the average cost of a new roof ranging from $3.50 – $20.00 a square foot we understand pulling the trigger on a new roof comes with anxiety of the checkbook kind.

First off, you may be relieved to hear that property improvement is almost always wise. Real estate is considered one of the most sound investments one can make. Keep reading for a few tips to make sure you’re on track to a fast ROI with your new roof.

1. Save on Energy Costs

Like most everything in our hyper-technological age, new roofing materials and better roof designs are promising not only high property values but a reduced energy bill as well. The average utility bill in the United States is $167 a month. A large chunk of these living expenses comes from heating and cooling the property.

Energy-efficient roofing like the innovative new non-evasive roofing solution called cool roofing is a sure-fire way to immediately benefit financially from upgrading your roof. Cool roofing works by reflecting sunlight beating down on your property’s roof making cooling the property much easier on your HVAC system.

2. Ask Questions

With the cost of a new roof considered by most a major purchase, it only makes sense to take the time to research your options. Make a list of all the questions you should ask and make sure to get a second opinion before deciding on a roofing contractor. Have a serious conversation with contractors about not only your roofing material choices but also about the resale value that they add to your property.

3. Replace the Roof Before You Sell

The biggest mistake you can make is to sell a property without first raising its value. There are many projects that increase value and if you truly want to profit from the sale of your property you should consider them all. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), property owners are highly likely to recover at least 107% of their investment from a new roof at the sale of their property.

One of the major advantages of new roofing and exterior renovation, in general, is curb appeal. It is a natural human tendency to base major purchasing decisions on first impressions.

Ask yourself, when potential buyers pull up to my property are they going to see the roof and say – the place looks great? Are they going to say – ouch, I will have to replace that roof? Either way that first impression will no doubt have an impact on the buyer’s final offer.

Invest in New Roofing

Investing in new roofing is almost always a good idea. However, you don’t want to jump in with both feet without researching your options and carefully considering several quotes from roofing contractors. For more useful and informative articles concerning the popular subject of increased property values keep reading our blog.

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