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Top 10 Reasons Organisations Turn to Managed IT Support


Time management, event management and then there is IT management.

A rather recent concept but companies are now hiring professionals to manage the IT related issues for them. Although the majority of the companies have their exclusive IT departments, many of them still hire third parties for IT support. I wonder why they recruit IT specialists in their company? Well, this can be compared to a model similar to that followed by service providers and their customer care centers. For example, Spectrum customer service reps might be individuals from another firm who are representing Spectrum and resolving the customers’ issues.

While the reasons for doing so vary from industry to industry, organizations are turning to managed IT support for the following:

Improved Security

Security has become a rather major issue for businesses whether big or small. From laptops to mobile phones to browsers all have a set of data stored in them. Almost everyone is familiar with the concept of data breaching and hacking. And there have been numerous stories about the breaching of data from prominent companies’ servers. The trouble that such an activity puts the company through and the lost trust of the customers is something that is very hard to recover. In order to save themselves the stress of losing important and confidential information, companies resort to specialists in the field.


While it may alarm many, hiring Managed Service Providers for IT helps the companies to reduce the expenditure. A company would need to invest in hardware and software. Apart from that, it will also allocate a budget for maintenance and network infrastructure costs. This can cost a company a lot. Taking services from a professional will help you cut down on the expenditure that you would have encountered in hiring staff for IT and developing a whole new department.

Latest Technologies

The professional IT support providers stay updated with the latest and the most innovative technologies in the field. It may cost an individual company a lot to invest in research or buying the latest software, for instance. Hence, it is always a wise idea to resort to managed IT support providers to stay updated with the newest updates.

Peace of Mind

Once you hire a third party to handle the IT related issues that you face, you can sit back and relax. It is now the service provider’s headache to manage all the IT problems for you. You can concentrate on the other things related to the business with a peaceful mind.

Risk Reduction

The IT support providing companies have experts working for them. They are well-experienced individuals who have a sound knowledge about their field. Hiring these professionals would mean that you are reducing the risk of errors or any other costly problems that may have otherwise risen.

Better Up Time

When you hire a company to manage your computers and computer systems for you, it creates an efficient IT infrastructure. The computers tend to work at a greater speed and with a higher efficiency.

Focus on Other Important Things

MSPs allow a company to invest the time saved in making other important decisions. It means that a company does not have to spare time or effort to resolve the IT issues. Instead, it can focus on performance, other trade side decisions, or more strategic decisions of the company. This can help improve the business’s productivity as they have more time on hand to focus on the ‘real’ issues.

Cloud Solutions

Numerous businesses are now turning to cloud solutions as a means to manage their activities and collaborate with different departments. Hiring an MSP ensures that the cloud management of your company is done efficiently. The internal production of your company increases as a result.

No Need for Internal IT Staff

While this does not hold true in all cases, many companies benefit from MSPs instead of hiring IT staff themselves. This helps to cut the cost that they would have spent otherwise in paying wages to these employees.

MSPs Do Not Sleep

Perhaps the biggest advantage of hiring MSPs is the fact that the professionals are available round the clock to solve any issue that may arise.

For all the above-mentioned advantages that companies gain by hiring IT support professionals, the trend of resorting to MSPs is on the rise. Connecting with third parties is not an issue. The companies have subscriptions to tailored packages like Spectrum Triple Play service that eliminate the barriers of connectivity.

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