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Top 10 Computer Mouse Tips

Most people use their mouse simply for opening a program or document and access the contextual menus of these programs. The end result is, most computer users not taking full advantage of all the things their computer mouse can do Below are some of the best computer mouse tips.

that you can use to get the best out of it, which should help you improve your productivity while using your system.


  • Use Double and Triple Click


Using the double click, it’s possible for you to highlight/select a word, however, if you want to highlight/select an entire paragraph (or sentence), you should triple click.


Triple clicking is something not many people are familiar with.


  • Use Right Click


The right click function opens up a number of different options, such as the properties for an object. For example, if you were to highlight a document, you could right click on it, then select Copy, then right click somewhere else and Paste it.


Note: If you highlight and drag a file or document using the right mouse button, when you let go of the button, it will immediately open up the option to either Copy or Move the file(s); a tip that should shave off some time, when using your computer.


  • Open Link in New Tab


Using your left mouse button and the Ctrl key, it’s possible for you to open a link (while surfing the web) in a new tab. Right clicking however, gives you additional options, such as the ability to open the link in a new Window, tab or in incognito mode (depending on the browser you’re using).


  • Auto Scroll


If you like to read large pieces of text while surfing the internet, then you should understand how tiring it can be, having to constantly use your mouse pointer to scroll down. Well, there’s a solution to that.


Simply, take your mouse pointer to the scroll bar, then press the Center Wheel button and you should get a scroll icon. With this icon, you will be able to scroll the screen up or down, simply by moving the point up or down.


  • Use the Side Buttons


Many of the computer mice that you can buy today come with side buttons. These buttons, just like your other buttons, can be programmed. However, the default functionality for these buttons is to go back on a web page. Using the thumb buttons is much more efficient and comfortable, as you do not have to move the mouse pointer when you want to go back and forth while browsing.


Anyway, consider programming these buttons, for increased productivity.


  • Use Mouse to Maximise Windows


By double clicking on the title bar of a Window, it’s possible for you to maximize it so that it fills the entire screen. If the Windows has already been maximised, then double clicking will resize it to a smaller Window Latest tech news.


  • Customise Your Mouse


If you have a mouse that has more than two buttons, then it’s more than likely that it came with its own software that you had to install upon using it. Consider modifying the use of all your buttons to suit your needs, this includes the Wheel button and any other additional buttons you have on your mouse.


  • Drag and Drop


A very common feature, but one that tends to be unfamiliar to beginners, by highlighting texts, files or documents, it’s possible for you to drag it, by simply holding down either the left or right mouse button, then dragging the object to wherever you would like it to go.


Drag and Drop generally works the same, whether you’re moving a piece of text in a document or moving a bunch of music files into a folder.


  • Select Multiple Text


Using the Ctrl key, it’s possible for you to select multiple text; a feature which is unfamiliar to most. Simply, highlight/select a piece of text, then hold down the Ctrl key, then select another piece of text  Wow Yar.


The key to this technique is keeping the Ctrl key pressed, while you highlight the various words in your text document.


Note: This feature is exclusive to Microsoft Office, which means it does not work on web pages.

  1. Zoom In and Out


If you’re someone who has difficulty reading text on your computer, then this feature should be very helpful for you.


While in a Word document, press and hold down the Ctrl key, then use your Wheel button to scroll up and down to either zoom in or out.



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