Researching about the company before going for an interview allows you to articulate how your organization’s and industry’s skills, knowledge, and values match. The easiest way to learn about what the company is doing and what they’re looking for in an applicant is to research the company. With the help of prior research, you will also be better at answering questions and presenting yourself as the best candidate.

Tofler will explain to you the things you should research about as you plan for your next interview:

  1. Research about the skills the company requires

First, you should know what an employer is looking for at the company. Read in between the lines of their job posts to uncover the skills and experience the boss values. You can also find out details on the job page of the company to get an idea of the type of workers that they want. Additionally, reach out to current employees working there and ask them what their boss respects most in the workplace.

  1. Research about news or events related to the company

When you go for a job interview, it’s always a good idea to be acquainted with the latest updates related to the company. Many companies have a Press Releases and Events page on their website. This is an effective way for you to find out the latest news and updates about the company.

  1. Research about the company’s competitors

No need to have a complete understanding of the company, but if you can internalize who are the main rivals of the company, you’ll be able to contextualize and reinforce your discussion with interviewees. Asking questions about the company’s market position as it applies to competing brands shows interest and preparedness.

  1. Research about the company’s culture

Employers understand that culture can be a huge selling point for potential job applicants, so you should research about a company’s culture. In the “About Us” section of a company’s website, you can often find an overview. Corporate social media accounts can also provide a good indicator of the society. You can also look out for workplace review sites or find current employees on social media if you want a less filtered perspective.

  1. Research about the company facts

Nothing is more embarrassing than actually not understanding the basic facts about an organization and the place by the time you reach the interview. It may be hard to believe, but many hiring managers will tell you that candidates sometimes come in and aren’t even sure of the company’s name. Basic facts such as the industry and the scope of their company, how the position you are interviewing fit into the corporate structure and, of course, the company name are all crucial to your interview’s success.

  1. Research about the reviews

Review the employee reviews of the company, and you will find out if there are any testimonials or feedback. Thus you can get a better gauge of the service they are providing. Employee reviews are also helpful because they respect their employers, and applicants can search for inside information at various company review sites.

  1. Research about the company’s social media handles

Before an interview process, it is important to check the company’s social media handles. You can check out Twitter to find the latest twittered information. LinkedIn is another source that can help you get connected with the company employees.

  1. Research about the company’s dressing code

You can find some images of the executive team. You can also get a clue from various websites about how to dress formally. For the same reason, reading the company’s website before an interview is necessary.

The candidate needs to do extensive research about the company data to satisfy the potential employer. Instead of reading through google or the latest news article, find out information that can be of interest to you. You should look through the company profile, annual reports, segment of ‘about us’, studies, and achievements. Tofler has tried to explain to you the value of researching a company before an interview with eight essential tips that will help you in successfully clearing any interview. When in doubt, trust Tofler!

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