Tips for Buying Cotton Bed Sheets in Summer

Buy cotton bedsheets! 100% cotton is the way to go when you’re purchasing bed sheets for the summer. This material is airy, durable and breathable, making it the perfect night-time companion for those summer months.

Light coloured bed sheets. Keep those dark colours for the fall and winter months, for summer, opt for light coloured bed sheets. That will make your bedroom look bright, airy and peaceful.

High thread count bed sheets. During the hot summer months, it’s vital to wash your cotton bed sheets once a week. Having a set of high thread count bed sheets means that the material is durable. Also, it will retain its shape even after multiple wash cycles. Plus, high thread count sheets are softer to the touch, perfect for balmy summer nights.

If you want more tips on how to buy sheets, check out our blog dedicated to buy bedsheets online. Now, let’s dive right into our top 5 cotton bed sheets that will make your bed look stylin’ for the summer!

Havana Bedsheet set

The hottest trend in cotton bed sheets is the tropical print. The iconic leaf print in shades of green have been taking the world by storm – don’t miss out on this trend! The Havana collection has a range of tropical bed sheets that will look fabulous in any master or guest bedroom. This collection was designed in collaboration with ‘House of Misu’, and it’s one of our best-selling collections. The tropical bed sheets seen in the picture above are made from 100% cotton. They will keep you cool in the summer and stylish year-round!

Cadence Bedsheet Set

There’s nothing more daring than a set of light coloured bed sheets in shades of pretty pink! The Cadence collection has a range of 100% cotton bed sheets; however, these pink ones are a must-have for the summer. They’re light, airy and easy to match with a contrasting, light coloured comforter. If you’d like to level-up the girly factor, get some fur textured sham pillows. They will complement the pink cotton bed sheets. Plus, they have a very on-trend ‘Flamingo’ vibe – what’s not to love!

Facets Bedsheet Set

The Bohemian aesthetic is another design trend that emerges every summer. Do you like to indulge in the whimsical vibe for your bedroom? Then you’ll love these tie n dye print cotton bed sheets from portico’s Facets collection.  The print on these bed sheets is traditional. It’s inspired by the traditional Japanese Shibori method of dyeing fabric. This is a classic set of bed sheets that every bohemian at heart will adore. Just add a faux fur rug and a macrame wall art-piece to complete this romantic bohemian look.

Mosaics Bedsheet Set

Got zero travel plans this summer? Well then, let your bedsheets take you to far off lands. We’re talking about the Mosaic’s collection that has been inspired by Morocco. The light coloured bed sheets of this collection allude to the calming colours seen in tastefully designed Riads. The bold tile prints seen in the bed sheet set above, make a statement. It will give your bedroom a much-needed touch of Middle-eastern style.

Verve Bedsheet Set

Nothing screams summer more than sorbet colours and bold patterns – these cotton bed sheets have both these design elements. The Verve collection of 100% cotton bed sheets are an excellent balance of urban chic meets trendy. This collection is a superb mix of out-of-the-box patterns and colours that celebrate the love of modern design. Besides being fresh, it’s also affordable – now that’s something we all want for the summer!

Buy Verve cotton bed sheets – Rs. 899

Those were our top 5 cotton bed sheets for the summer. Portico has a treasure trove of fresh designs, from light coloured bedsheets to tropical bed sheets. Sheets that are cool, airy and summer-ready. So, please keep checking back to our website for the latest in bed linen trends! We hope we’ve enticed you enough to indulge in some summer home decor shopping!

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