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This Is Why Gold Haram Is A Must Have For Every Ssouthindian Bride!


Marriage are made in heaven, but brides are made on Earth and every bride wants to look like a dream on this special day. When we visualize a south Indian bride, we associate her with a beautiful Kanjeevaram saree, floral braided hair which fills the air with its sweet aroma, beautiful mehndi designs on her palms and larger than life jewellery.

When it comes to great wedding jewellery then a gold haram has its own special place by itself. It has the aura and grandeur to make a bride feel like a princess and set apart from all the people present at the ritual. These gold haram sets come in variety of designs to suit your desire and make that day of dreams come to life in the most mesmerizing manner.

Gold Haram Designs Worth Exploring

A gold haram comes in many designs ranging from aesthetic designs with Gods and Goddesses like:

  • Lord Ganesh
  • Lord Krishna
  • Goddess Lakshmi
  • Ram Parivaar

All these are embodied in Kasulu and large pendants engraved with great artistic designs of which peacocks, lotus, royal elephants and paisley designs to name a few are most famous. To add that additional glory to your overall look with the necklace, comes are a variety of precious stones which are delicately carved and gilded to the Harams. You can choose from dazzling polkis, rubies, emeralds or pearls which add colour and glamour to the brides look on her special day.

Haram lengths and designs

In order to make a statement at the wedding, one can also choose from a variety of lengths and steps of the haram. One can choose the harams from as long as 18 inches to 12 inches as well. They come in a single step to as many as 5 steps, some of these long haram designs come with adjustable chains, so that the length can be shortened depending on one’s liking, taste and style that suits the day’s outfit.

gold necklace designs
range from a matt finish which gives it a more antique look to a glossy finish which adds that additional glow to the bride’s look, just name it and you will find a piece that is made tastefully and thoughtfully. For additional grace these harams come with south sea pearls that look like drops of dew filled with grace and beauty.


The best part of south Indian jewellery is their versatility. One does not tuck the harams in their locker after the wedding, but they are so versatile that they can be used at any major event later in one’s life. It can be worn to any religious rituals, parties and social gatherings. Traditional south Indian jewellery are sure to leave the onlookers spellbound and in awe of their stylish designs. One can instantly become a centre of attraction with the pure elegance shown through these gold necklace designs.

Find best gold Haram designs here

Since there is a sense of sentiment attached to buying wedding jewellery, it’s very important to go by trustworthy and renowned jewellers like Vaibhav Jewellers. Every south Indian bride should take a look at their south Indian jewellery collection from heavy to simple gold necklace designs, they have it all. Their online website has an exclusive section for bridal gold necklace designs with price in rupees. If you are someone who likes visiting places, then their brick and motor store is present in every major city and their doors open to a magnificent collection of gold haram.  

So, all the brides to be add these stylish, authentic harams to your collection today and stay connected to our Indian traditions.

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