Things You Should Know About Beijing In 2021 With China Southern Airlines

Things You Should Know About Beijing In 2021 With China Southern Airlines

If you plan to go to Beijing this year with china Southern Airlines, there are certain pieces of information that you must know before. Here are all of them.

Whether you book business class flights or go for cheap air tickets, once you are at your destination, only the person with more information about the place enjoys more. So, if you want to be a learned traveler to visit Beijing this year, then you have reached the right place. This article will discuss all the things you want to know about Beijing in 2021 before visiting the city. Not only will it help you to enjoy your trip as much as you can but it will also allow you to choose the right places to visit. So, let’s dive right in.

Old Soul

If you don’t already know, then for your kind information, Beijing is one of the most populous and also one of the oldest cities on the face of the earth. It is entirely safe to say that it is about the same age as London, a bit 10 times older than Sydney and six times than New York. There is no shortage of historical places in this city, such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China. The fossils of these places demonstrate that the first Homo erectus use to live in this area of the world about 770 to 230 thousand years ago.

Six-Time Capital

Another fantastic fact that you might not already know about Beijing is that it has been selected as the capital of different Chinese governments six other times. In simple words, the rulers of China have controlled the country for more than seven hundred years from Beijing. Therefore, it comes with no surprise that this city has a lot of historic places.

  • When Beijing was selected as the capital city was 221 BC, and back then, it was known as Yan State Capital.
  • The second time Beijing was selected as the capital city of China was in 1271. It was the Yuan Dynasty’s very first national capital.
  • In 1402 Beijing was yet another time selected as the capital in the Ming Dynasty.
  • Qing Dynasty made Beijing the capital for the fourth time in 1644.
  • China came into existence in 1912; it also chose Beijing as its capital.
  • When the people’s republic of china was created back in 1949 as we know it now, it was again selected as the country’s capital.

So, if you opt for China Southern Airlines to Beijing, keep in mind that you are not visiting just another capital of another country.

Different Names

Throughout history, the name of this place has been changed. The current name Beijing was created back in 1403 by the Ming Dynasty. Before that, it was known as:

  • Jicheng (‘City of Ji’).
  • Yanjing (Capital of Yan’).
  • Nanjing (‘Southern Capital’).
  • Zhongdu (‘Central Capital’).
  • Dadu (‘Great Capital’).
  • Beiping (‘Central Peace’).

Another interesting fact about Beijing is that it is the 16th name of the city that the recorded history tells.

China Southern Airlines, cheap air tickets

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization is one of the most popular and essential organizations globally for historical and beautiful sites. It only registers the places that show exceptional tourist activity and have some uniqueness to offer for the people. It means that the criteria of this organization are stringent, and not many places are regarded as authorized by UNESCO. But one of the most exciting things that you must know about Beijing is that it currently has seven different heritage and historical sites that you must visit if you are booking cheap air tickets to china. UNESCO officially authorizes these places, and four of the most important ones are:

  • The Summer Palace.
  • The Temple of Heaven.
  • The Forbidden City.
  • The Great Wall.

Cultural Hub

There is no doubt that Beijing is the cultural hub of the whole of China thanks to its long and deep cultural roots and long, rich, and colorful history. Not only can you find the best historical sites and building with fantastic architecture, but this great city also offers excellent cuisines, artworks, and many other cultural artifacts.

Keep in mind that your Beijing tour can never be considered complete if you don’t visit the Forbidden City. This place will take you to another world, and you will have many opportunities to learn about the history of China as well.

Final Words

These are some of the most critical pieces of information that you want to know about Beijing if you visit this city this year with China Southern Airlines.Bear in mind that it’s essential to learn about the city because this is the only way to make sure that you visit all the interesting places and tourist attractions that a particular business offers.

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