Things to ponder over while purchasing a smartphone

The purchase of a smartphone may not seem to be a walk in the park as there are several things you need to consider in the purchase of them. By following the below mentioned pointers you are assured that the smartphone purchased would suffice your requirements.

Latest of the operating system

Smartphones on the lines of computers or mobiles are empowered by operating systems. The core functions of the phone are handled by it as stands for the abbreviation of OS. The manner by which animals or the way it shuts down is controlled by an OS. Mara phones have the latest in terms of operating system. In modern times most of the phones have an in built Android operating system. Though there are various versions of Android most of them come with a version that is hardly a couple of years old. When you are purchasing a phone keep in mind you need the latest Android version. This means that the phone is up to date with the latest of technology in the years to come.

Protective covering

The phones which are available in the market have a protective covering. This cover is known to protect the screen from finger spots or scratches whereas the back cover distributes heat equally or might even provide you with a firm grip. One of the leading protective glasses is Gorilla glass. This does protect the phone from scratches that accumulates over a period of time. The Mara phones in Rwanda are equipped with gorilla glass meaning that the display of your phone is spotless.

Quick charging

All the phones available in the market have a quick charging mechanism. Though most of them have them, but certain high end powered phones do not have the technique of fast charging. But still it would allow you to charge your phone quickly than a traditional charger. The charger that is available with the phone is known to charge a bit faster and even the battery backup is expected to last for a day or so.

No heating problems

The phones that are available in the market with a heavy battery are known to heat up quickly. Since more power is being used heat is generated by the peripherals of the device. If the phone heats up quickly it can be dangerous as the phone can blast. The phones that are available in the market are mostly safe as they have been tested under stringent protocols.


It is a normal situation to come across a password or a pin protection in a mobile phone. Some users may even draw images on their phone. In spite of the fact that these patterns and pins were hassle, still people wanted to keep their phone secured. This is where Mara phones scores over the others as there is an additional level of security in the form of facial recognition. So you can just unlock the phone with the help of the face app. In addition the phone is also incorporated with a fingerprint scanner.

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