If you have considered all the important things like gambling addiction and whether you can really afford to gamble and are satisfied that you have all responsible gambling bases covered, then you are ready to research the world of online slots. However, you need to do this thoroughly before you start to wager real cash. The main reason for this is because although games at Slots Baby are a simple form of gambling and entertainment, the environment that offers these games is a more complex one with certain pitfalls. 

Don’t Sign Up To Just Any Casino 

There are hundreds of online casinos out there and the very first step of any online gambler in the UK is to find a reputable casino that holds all the slot games you want to play. It is easy to think that researching online casinos is a waste of your time when you could be spinning the reels instead, but joining a reputable online casino is the most important step in any gambler’s slot adventure. The easiest thing to do is to read casino reviews, but some may not be totally honest and unbiased in their reviewing. The best way to find a casino that is worth playing in is by word of mouth. Online casino forums can help immensely and so can other public forums such as trust pilot. What you also need to make sure is that the casino you want to join is fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. This professional body ensures that casinos meet certain criteria before they are allowed to operate within the UK. This includes holding player’s account money separately from casino funds. This ensures that profits are used for the everyday running of the casino and customer’s cash remains in a separate account and is kept safe should the casino go under. Licensed casinos also have their games regularly tested for fairness and randomness. Licensed casinos are also more likely to payout should you win and if they don’t, then you can turn to the commission for help. Signing up to an unlicensed casino already gives you a disadvantage should things go awry as you will have nobody to turn to should the casino ignore your communications. 

Ignoring Slot RTP Scores 

Not all slots are built the same and some are designed to be more customer-friendly than others. The RTP score or Return To Player percentage is a useful guide of how you can expect a slot to behave. Even though high RTP games do not guarantee a win, they are more likely to return a set percentage of your staking cash to you. Slots with an RTP score of 97% are well worth spinning. Avoid exclusively playing low RTP games and staking high, as you could see your cash vanish very quickly. If you do win on a slot, no matter the RTP score, cash out regularly to boost your gambling bankroll. Failure to do so will mean that your gambling adventure on the slots will end before it has even started.


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