The Value of Commercial Fryer Oil Filters in the Food Service Industry

The Value of Commercial Fryer Oil Filters in the Food Service Industry

Chicken. Tempura. Fries. Onion Rings. Churros. These are some of the most common fried favourites you’ll see in a restaurant menu or offered at a food kiosk. Even though we know that too much consumption of these is bad, we still love digging into them. That is why most restaurants or food kiosks often include fried entrées or dishes as part of their menu.

Deep frying is one of the most popular cooking methods applied in the food industry. Because of this, businesses must invest in equipment that will maintain the quality of what they serve. We’re not only talking about fryers but also a commercial fryer oil filter.

What is a fryer oil filter?

It’s no surprise that eateries reuse cooking oil. In fact, it is a common practice. The frequency of how often restaurants change oil depends on factors, such as what kind of oil is used, what food is prepared, and more. Because of this, food kiosks use a commercial fryer filter to ensure that the cooking oil they use remains clean and safe to use.

Deep fryer oil degrades due to everyday usage. A commercial fryer oil filter system helps in preserving the cooking oil’s quality. This equipment sucks the oil in, gets rid of every particle, recycles it and then brings it back to the fryer.

Why use a fryer oil filter?

  1. Saves on Oil Costs

    Cooking oil can be pricey. Oil filtration can help extend the life of the cooking oil for up to a week. Instead of purchasing cooking oil every two to three days, having an oil filter can help save your business’ expenses.

  2. Retains Crispiness

    The crispiness of the food can be affected if the cooking oil used is dark or dirty. Instead of that golden brown goodness, cooking with dark oil may produce soggy food. Using a commercial equipment Brisbane oil filter ensures clean oil and crunchy fried goodies.

  3. Enhances Taste

    Every time you use cooking oil, burnt food components and tiny pieces of moisture enter the oil. A buildup of these elements can impact the oil’s efficiency. Worse, it can also lead to food having a poor flavour and even odour. A commercial fryer oil filter will help sustain the good taste and aroma of the food you serve.

When to filter oil?

Different methods are used to test the quality of cooking oil. The most traditional way involves checking its colour. Cooking oil with darker colour is a sign that it’s already degraded. Another option is to use fryer oil test strips. These strips inspect the number of fatty acids in the oil which can give an alert if it needs to be filtered. Lastly, you can look for fryer oil filter units with automatic filter tests which can easily determine if filtration is required or those systems that allow users to set a time-initiated schedule for filtration.

Where to buy a fryer oil filter?

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