During the initial stages of AI (Artificial Intelligence)application, professionals thought robots were coming to replace them.

With time businesses have realized the need for integrating commercial robots with human skills. However, the business needs an expert to link robots to human skills for successful commercial support.

That’s, you need an experienced manager to control the following services:


You need robots to carry out continuous commercial processes. You need your productive activities to continually produce quality products. When consumers associate your company with quality, they are likely to commit to you hence ensuring business success in the long run.

However, human skill is still needed to market functions of the company. The manager ensures the global market is aware of the existence of the company and its quality services. He or she does this by integrating human (company marketers) and robotic efforts through a process called HRC. That’s Human Robotic Collaboration.

Product Management

Robots are needed in the production process. They are required to move machines, identify bottlenecks as well as assist in reducing the bottlenecks. In the end, a product that customers need is produced. Besides, they can be involved to pack, assemble and distribute the finished products.

Nevertheless, humans are needed to communicate with business customers. Constant communication has to exist between consumers and human resources.

For successful integration between production and handling of products, an expert’s services are required. It is the manager who makes sure this unity is achieved in the long run.

Sales Operations

You are in business to grow and earn a profit. It is for this reason that you need robots to increase the effectiveness of the process. This occurs through the business process automation (BPA).

Through the process, you monitor sales volume. Again, you can monitor customer behavior using robots. Most importantly, you can apply robots in the distribution of the finished products.

In as much as you require robots to ease the process, you need an expert to make decisions. These personnelare none other than the human resource manager. The personnel integrate robotic automation and the sales management department of the organization.

Tech support

Though robots are products of programming, other technological functions require human involvement. For instance, humans are needed to determine when and how to involve them in business operations.

Consequently, the experienced manager runs the commercial functions. The expert integrates services and robots in the process of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Global Presence

Involving the robots in productive activities enables the business to produce products that are sell in the global markets. These are products that meet the standards of international customers. This happens because robots pay attention to details, thereby leading to the successful completion of similar as well as repetitive tasks.

However, the business still needs an expert to cooperate with other commercial entities to realize international standards are met. The president makes sure the cooperation and integration of business processes pioneers business competence in the global market.

Keep in mind that besides commercial support an experienced manager makes sure there is a rapid expansion process. Also, he or she makes sure customer experience, as well as employee experience, are met at all times.

It is for this reason that firms that pay particular attention to commercial robots employ highly skilled and experienced personnel.

When choosing the expert in the management of commercial robots, you should consider:

  • Highly experienced individual, with at least 10+ years
  • A good track record
  • Able to handle small as well as large businesses
  • Control a variety of industries, for instance, financial to production services.


Although robots have come to ease the production process, your business needs human expertise to make critical decisions within the business. Decisions that will propel the business to a global ladder. If you can manage to acquire such personnel, you will fully exploit the potential of your employees and robots.

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