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The digital world is said to be changing constantly and you will see that the trend that was hit last month has almost gone to the oblivion this month. Therefore, as an online marketer and advertiser it is important for you to notice the important SEO trends to in 2019 and incorporate these into your marketing efforts accordingly.

If you implement changes and introduce new systems in your marketing efforts than these systems will help you to improve the functionality and performance of your website or different apps and services that you may have with infusing several better and more innovative features.

Amazon search optimization

One such noticeable change is the rise of Amazon Search Optimization though it may seem at first that it is difficult for Amazon Search to compete with Google.

It is true that one will look up at Google only to know how to remove carpet stains or for any other information and not look up for it in Amazon, but undoubtedly, it has now become a huge competitor. If you are not convinced still, here are a few facts that will clear away your doubts.

  • There are several SEO specialists who expect a huge growth in Amazon Search Optimization in the following months.
  • According to several researches conducted by Kenshoo across consumers in the US, Germany, France and UK, more than 72% of all shoppers now use Amazon to find their chosen products, read the reviews of each and then make their buying purchases.
  • Even more interesting is the fact that the study found that about 56% of the consumers actually search on Amazon first before they go on looking at other sites.
  • Add to that, consumers use Amazon not only to find products but to find anything that they need that they would use Google otherwise for. It can be product reviews just as they would find in any dedicated review sites, similar product suggestions, all kinds of other products and much more.

In other words, now consumers do not need a specific search engine to find the product they need to buy, read the review in another site such as, do the required research in another and then visit Amazon to make a purchase. Now all purchasing decisions can be made by visiting Amazon directly. This has reduced the time and effort required in making a buying decision.

Threat to Google

All the above benefits provided by Amazon have increased the SEO of it which is definitely a pretty big warning to Google and Google Ads. If the number of people visiting Google for a product search or review falls dramatically it will have a drastic effect on Google advertising and thereby reducing its revenue by a significant margin.

But then, in such a situation you may ask why such a change in consumer behavior. Well, when it comes to making a purchase decision people look for convenience, better prices and ease in shopping and shipping to have a better user experience. According to BigCommerce’s Global Omni-Channel Consumer Shopping Research provides them with all of these.