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The thrill of horse racing in unparalleled and there can never be a better option than spending a day at the racetrack. The fresh air, the elegant beauty of the horses, the thrill of the races and a rare chance to be in the company of the rich and wealthy is an irresistible attraction for racegoers. For horse racing lovers across the world, Australia ranks among the best countries for its well-developed racing infrastructure. It is therefore not surprising to see the Melbourne Cup featuring among the top ten global horse racing events.  To enjoy a day in Melbourne, there can be nothing better than spending your time at the Melbourne racing club to witness a horse race.

Horse races in Australia are popular in two variants – one is the regular flat racing in which horses run across a specified distance on a certain kind of track, grass, clay or dirt and the other type of racing is in which the horses must go over hurdles or fences. The latter is a spectator sport that is popular in Victoria and South Australia.  After Australian Football and rugby league, thoroughbred horse racing is the third most popular spectator sport in Australia.

Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup has put Australia on the world map of horse racing. Ask any horse racing enthusiast, and he or she will vouch for the grand event Down Under which is also known as the Melbourne Cup carnival. The event is part of a tradition that goes back to 1861 and considered by many as one of the world’s greatest horse races covering 3200 meters. The distance is almost double of the races for the Triple Crown in the US comprising of the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes.

The carnival draws a lot of international attention as evident from the presence of people from around the world both among the spectators and the participants in the competition.  The atmosphere is splendid as the mood of carnival manifests across the venue with the customary hats spreading the spirit of celebration all around.

It’s celebration time

The Melbourne Cup ushers in a carnival and horse racing are just part of it. Although horse racing is the main attraction that drives people to the event, the carnival adds more fun and entertainment. The organizers leave no stone unturned to ensure all-round enjoyment as there are events like Fashions on the field and celebrity judges get busy to select the best-dressed man and best-dressed woman of the day. The involvement of high-end sponsors ensures that it turns into a head-turning event.

All are welcome

The big event is within reach of people from all walks of life because, besides the grandstand tickets, general admission tickets are also available. The first Tuesday of November is earmarked for the big event with other races taking place on other days of the week.

The international status of the Melbourne Cup is growing as evident from the higher participation of horses trained in the northern hemisphere in the recently concluded event of 2018.