The First Drive Review of Electric Mini Cooper SE 2019

The First Drive Review of Electric Mini Cooper SE 2019

With efficiency and sharp handling, this prototype will be a nice product

Mini one has always been a car to cherish. It is different, has a lot of agility and with all that an icon bearer. And now after the first attempt back in 2009, not a long time ago, there is the fully electrical Mini Cooper S Engines. This one was a long-awaited version which has finally come out as a prototype for now.

There were only 600 cars made for the first attempt back and the production stopped. There was a lot which has to be lessened for the electrical version at that time. The first drive of the present one is a lot to impress the driver and the second passenger. As it is kept at two seat capacity so only two can get a taste of this one at a time.

The reason behind is that there is a lot of weight for the battery and to get an electric version there has to be a compromise on the boot and the back passenger space also. The final product is still to come later this year but even the trial car is amazing to be in.

BMW the parent company for Mini has done a good job over here also. The new technology has made it possible for the company to give the buyer an improved and less in weight final result.

The electrical engine output signify power

The Cooper S on which the S of this version is based on has an output of 189 bhp and it is petrol based trim. But the E in this model is for the electric powered. And this is what triggers action into this machine which has an output of 181 bhp.

So the difference is just a matter of bhp and this does not make significant power loss. For other things associated with the car, it is amazing. There is the brisk response, instant kick off from the engine, a quick slow down and the best of all a drive which was easy to operate.

All these things really prove to make things a lot easier and the fun part of such a car’s drive does not die away at any time. This one is certain who is a bachelor and loves to be in a car alone enjoying every bit of the driving experience this one will be giving.

The handling side attended very well

With the performance oriented engine, there is another plus point associated with this Mini which is its handling skills. There is the refined mechanics attached to the handling side so the suspension is always ready to facilitate any type of ride.

You put this car in a straight road r a twisty one, it will not differ in the driving side. The feedback from the engine and the handling side is so to the point that a road full of turns seems like a pleasant smooth path. The car remains in control so well that the driver’s confidence is never lost of where the car is going.

The spring and damper settings are also altered to give a steady and peaceful driving experience not making the driver suffer at all. The only problem lies in the steering where things seem to be heavy. But still having a good speed needs control and there will be balanced moves with such steering.

How things are kept steady

To make such a big battery offering 92 AH the body height is raised and the battery is situated under it in a tunnel form throughout. But this body height increase is balanced so as the driver does not feel awkward to be in.

All Minis are made of steel instead of lightweight materials of which the present hatchbacks are made light. So making the car feel as if no additional weight is there to be carried is what only a BMW engineer would have done. The timing calculated based on the first drive is 0-62 mph in 7-8 seconds.

But the exact figures will not be known until a proper vehicle is presented for calculations. This is not the most desirable EV but it is a desirable one. The taking off and landing is the easiest thing one can do for this one.

There is an entertaining ride waiting for you

The things described above are much less than what you can experience in real. The gear needs lesser changes as there is a lot of speed associated with each and you get the desired one in no time. On a wet surface if you accelerate the vehicle it will release even faster without giving a track of wheel spin which is to be praised.

This means that there will be no off balancing if you are on it for such a technique. This happens because of a better method of managing power rather than wasting it for such an action. This is also useful when the car is started from a standstill or it is cornering.

Why a Mini Cooper SE 2019?

There are many reasons to own this Mini and these are enough if you are a BMW buyer and also you want a car which is just for your own self. Space is not there, true, but it is not made for that in the first place. If in the future any configuration does happen then it may lose the essence of creation.

The speed is there and plenty of it. And with speed, the car is responsible also. It is small but it assures that the person sitting inside is safe from mishap. The body control is the one which strikes the most and the speedy little miracle remains in control in every road type.

Other specifications of the dashboard and features associated with different functions are yet to be revealed with the official launch. But for now, it is expected that everything will show the Mini standard and the BMW standard for sure. So for full details, the UK audience has to wait till the next year that is 2020.

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