The Best Way To Digitize Your DVD Collections Why rip DVDs?

As we all know, physical DVDs are being phased out, and more and more computers are no longer involved in DVD drives. Therefore, you may wish to collect and store your DVD in a more convenient and modern way. Moreover, we often encounter some embarrassing situations when using old DVDs: for example, the content in the DVD is lost because it is scratched or weathered, the DVD is failed to be read, the DVD is broken, etc., In this case, you can choose to rip DVDs into a friendly digital format that is accepted by portable devices. Not only that, but there are other things that prove it necessary to rip DVDs.For example, a DVD you purchased from another country cannot be played smoothly because it has copyright restrictions and region code protection. We need a practical and effective solution to solve the above problems. It is obvious that ripping DVDs is an ideal way, by converting DVDs to different formats and saving them on common digital devices, so that you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere. A wide range of DVD ripping tools are being popularized in the software market today. In this article, we will review such a program, which is WonderFox DVD Video Converter.

What is WonderFox DVD Video Converter?

It is anall-in-one software for Windows users that can ripped DVDs into other lossless formats and solves video-related problems such as downloading videos, converting videos, editing videos, etc.In the following content, we will see the important features of the software.

Key features of WonderFox DVD Video Converter

Download videos from 300+ sites

The first feature to introduce is that WonderFox DVD Video Converter can help you download HD video from more than 300 video sites, which is a convenient way for video enthusiasts to keep intimate with their favorite videos, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Liveleak, Hulu, etc.The whole process can be finished in 3 steps: First, click “Download Video” and copy the link from websites. Next, paste URL and hit “Analyze” button. Finally, click “Download” for downloading your videos.

Convert videos to more than 300 formats and devices

Maybe after you spend time downloading online videos, you can’t watch them on your device as you wish because of format problems. At this point, you need to use another feature of WonderFox DVD Video Converter to convert your video to more than 300 formats, such as MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, MOV, M4V, VOB, MPG, MTS, M2TS, etc. In addition, it is possible if you want to convert the video to a portable device like Apple, Samsung, Song, Huawei, Lenovo and more for easier viewing.

Digital DVD in a fast way

As mentioned above, protecting a large number of DVDs from damage is a difficult task. However, digitizing themwill make storage easier. Therefore, WonderFox DVD Video Converter not only provides support for video conversion, but also aims to help users rip DVD into various formats in a fast way.It takes only 20 minutes to successfully rip a 150-minute movie to MP4, AVI WMV, MOV without any loss of quality, and up to 10 minutes to back up the DVD to MPG, which is the best format for ripping DVDs.

Automatically detect the right title from 99 titles

After the DVD file is successfully imported into the program, there will be many related titles. Some of them are highlights of the film, and some are introductions to actors. It would be too much trouble if we have to manually pick out the main movie to rip it. Fortunately, WonderFox DVD Video Converterhas been designed with an automated feature that intelligently finds the correct title and marks it in seconds.

A Built-in video editor

WonderFox DVD Video Converter also come with basic video editing feature, which allows you to cut the video part that you don’t like, merge multiple videos into one, add special effects to videos, trim videos, clip videos, rotate videos, customize settings and more.


  • With multilingual interface, which can serve users in different countries and regions.
  • Easy to use.
  • Up to 50x processing speed.
  • Support for converting video to audio format.


It is inconvenient to reset the language, because the language options are hidden in the installation package, you need to uninstall the original program and download the software again to change the language.

Final words

In summary, we can conclude that WonderFox DVD Video Converter is a full featured and comprehensive conversion software, whether you want to download video, convert video or bypass region code to backup encrypted video and ripped DVD, it can meet your needs in the fastest and safest way. Moreover, its clear interface is suitable for both novice and advanced users. At last, it has just been updated to the latest version, I believe it will bring you a comfortable experience.

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