The Best Couple Massage in Singapore With Your Life Partner

Be it your honeymoon or a couple getaway, having some means of relaxation is always mandatory. Perhaps this is why when you are visiting Singapore, special couple massages are always kept on the plate to offer to the couples.

Couple massage is very different from other types of massage. Here, not only both the individuals are provided with the utmost form of relaxation but also they are given the premium pleasure of being a couple. Studies have shown that couple massages can bring together two individuals on a deeper level.


Whenever you hear the name of massage, you always look into the healthier side of it which is related to your own health. But when we are considering a couple massage, things get heated because this particular message type is not restricted to only providing physical and psychological benefits.

A typical couple massage generally improves the relationship between two individuals. If you are having an argument with your spouse or your partner, you can easily visit a massage parlor to relieve some of the tension and boost an emotional attachment.

Here we have explain some of the major benefits of having a couple massage with the person you love.

Couple Massages Are Best For Increasing The Affection Between Two Individuals

When you feel like you are losing that spark from a relationship, or if you feel as if your partner is not that much interested in you anymore, couple massage is a best way of rekindling the spark and affection.

Massage parlour always sets a peaceful ambiance where you both can relax and feel each other’s presence. This is the reason why you can always increase the affection between you two.

A Couple Massage Is An Overall New Experience

If you haven’t a message parlour or got indulge in couple massage session, it will be best to have the first experience with your partner.

A couple massage is definitely something which you can never imagine or comprehend. From the time you will book your appointment to the moment you will enter the room, you both will buzz with excitement and anticipation of what will happen inside the room.

Even when you know to some extent what exactly happens inside a massage room, experiencing it on first hand is something else.

It Is A Great Way Of Relieving A Stress?

As a couple, you both might go through a lot of stress, emotional pressure, and other types of psychological problems. Because of these stresses, you both might feel that you are not getting enough time which each other.

This is where a message couple center comes into the role play. Walking into the massage room, enter an ambiance of tranquil and serenity. You both will find peace while being attended by the masseuse.

You Can Spend Some Time Together

When you feel like you are not getting enough time to spend with each other at your home, you can always walk into a massage parlour. Here, both of you will be placed in a same room but on different massage.

So, you both will be near to each other and at times, you can talk with each other with no restriction or the fear of someone interrupting.

Sometimes, Couple Massages Lead To More Sensual Time

Though very uncommon, couple massage might lead to some sensual times between you both. This involves pleasure and stimulation from the massage techniques which heightens the heat of the moment.


The first concern about having a couple massage is that what exactly to expect from a massage session. As said earlier, a couple massage is very much different from normal massage.

So you have to be aware of what exactly goes on behind the closed room. Usually, the massage of both the individuals starts at the same time and also ends at the same time.

Just like normal massage therapies, you can expect a physical relaxation along with a psychological peace. An addition to this, there will be a sort of emotional attachment with your partner during the massage session.

Sometimes, a couple massage might lead to something more on a sexual note. It’s not uncommon for the couples to share a kiss after the completion of the session. But there is no guarantee that things won’t escalate after this kiss.


  1. First you have to book an appointment with the massage parlour for a couple massage. They will give you an expected date on which you both have to arrive to the parlour.
  2. Once you will reach the parlour, you will be shown your masseuse for the session. They will instruct you to move inside the room and undress yourself.
  3. After this, you both will have to lie down on the benches placed side by side on your front. A cloth will be placed on your back portion to save guard your privacy.
  4. Both the masseurs will start from your back, then tending to more affected areas.
  5. You can request for aromatherapy or hot stone massage to get the maximum benefit of relaxation.
  6. Once they have attended to your back and your legs, you both will have to turn around so that they can give their attention to the front portion.
  7. The message of both of you will and probably at the same time after which the masseurs will leave the room for you to get dress.


To say that a couple massage is safe for the mass would be an understatement. It is one of the best gifts that you can give to your partner on his or her birthday or on your anniversary.

A couple massage helps in bringing two individuals closer to each other than they already were. It helps you to get rid of your stress and guides you to be more attentive towards your partner.

Attending one or two couple massage sessions in a month don’t be a bad idea.

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