One of the common skin conditions among teenagers is acne. There are many types of acne and there are ways formulated to treat acne. The scarring caused by acne does not only affect a teenagers appearance but also affects confidence.

Nowadays, how a person appears is significant of how other people think of them.
Acne is a major problem when it appears on your face. Many teenagers, who are the ones that are afflicted with this problem, have to bear ridicule among their peers and this can be mentally damaging as they are on the stage of knowing who they are.

What they experience during these teen years of their lives could affect their future. Adults, although more mature than teenagers suffer from the mentally burdens of having acne also. In that case they may suffer from depression or eating disorders.

There are some tips to control Acne. Wash your skin regularly especially after exercise. Wash your face before you go to sleep. Use a medicated soap that has a quality stringent but avoid harsh concentration alcohol. You can also use a toner.

Try not to squeeze your spots because it may produce infection and make the acne worse by stopping the acne from healing thus increase scarring. If you cannot resist popping your acne wash your face first and use a sterilized needle. Blackhead extractor remove them more hygienically than squeezing them your self.

If none of these tips work or if your acne does not improve then you may want to try some over the counter acne medications. Make sure to not use different medications together as this could cause skin irritation.

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