Taking the computer to the classroom:The essence of a class website


    Things have changed a lot since the days of the typewriter. These sweeping changes have not left the education sector untouched. If you were to be told of a class that had its own website 10 years ago, you would laugh at the idea. Why would school children need a website anyway?

    The advent of the internet changed all this. Having a website for your students is a brilliant way to support the curriculum. The good news is that nowadays it’s all free. Students are also generally more in tune with technology these days and are encouraged to develop their skills from an early age so the idea of a website will definitely resonate with them.

    So, why a website? How is it going to help?

    Serves as an excellent archive

    Teaching today takes a lot of materials and tools; it’s a mix of some time-served techniques and newer ones. A website can form a neat collection where all educational links, files, multimedia resources and others can be stored. In this sense, it simplifies your work as the educator and also helps you keep a record that is always one click away if you need to find anything.

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    Has a greater impact than you can imagine

    Owning a website means you have a global pipeline that covers anyone with an internet connection. You never know who is benefiting from your teaching technique and resources. Your humble class website may inspire and assist others from across the globe, a worthy reward for an educator whose purpose is to impart knowledge.

    Parents get to stay in the loop

    Today, we have hands-on parents who want to track their children’s progress every step of the way. A website of this kind is the perfect tool for easy and convenient communication. Adding a communication tool such as a contact form or email address to the website gives extended access to the teacher. The internet provides a fast, precise and detailed avenue to share your students’ progress with their parents.

    The internet is inseparable from modern teaching methods

    Given that it controls virtually every part of non-school life, it is time the internet made its way into the classroom. Having an online extension of the class room is more in sync with current times.

    Create a website for free

    Building a website used to be the work of tech savvy designers and coders. Not anymore, no sir. Anyone can create their own website using the free website builders available even with little web design and coding savoir faire. Here are a few of the best free website builders to choose from:


    There are two ways to create a website using Wix. You could choose to use Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) that builds the site for you automatically after you answer a series of questions. There is a second option where you get to tweak things about the website as you please using the WYSIWYG editor.


    It has a drag-and-drop editor that makes everything a breeze. You also get 50MB of storage on top of the free domain. IMCreator.com updates their collection of website templates every month so you can change yours according to your needs. It works just as well on mobile phones as it does on browsers.


    Been around for quite a bit, so everything about it is refined. You can get free hosting, an unlimited number of pages and a free domain with Weebly. There is also the option of getting an online store with a 3% charge on transaction fee. The drag and drop editor as well as hundreds of templates also make it interestinghttp://www.businesstomark.com/category/technology/ and easy.

    A class website is a savvy way to keep your students grounded. At the same time, it provides you with diverse avenues by which you can pass across educational content. Always try to make things interesting by taking advantage of new templates, graphics and injecting a little bit of creativity into the scheme of things.