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Monday, September 25, 2023

Superstar Gangster Tek’d The Fuk Out HEMP Clothing?


Baby Boy goes MILITANT Hemp Guerilla combatant!

“When the officers and the media walk up on me, a magic scroll rolls outa my pocket and shuts them up!” – Young G.

Ultra-Sexy Hot-Shot Outlaw Baby-Boy Fashions?

Dolla signs, hemp leaves, fire, guerilla camo – AND: If it doesn’t have the green fireball logo IT IS CANDY-ASSED!


*Hint: Pulp-Timber contracts…To Print NEWSPAPERS! And MAGAZINES! – Like TIME Magazine!

The media joined the deceptive anti-marijuana crusade because of a conflict of interest. Specifically, their duty to inform the public with reasonable accuracy and completeness was at odds with the investments their stockholders had made in timber. Among the many things marijuana can provide more cheaply than conventional sources can is paper. An acre of cannabis can produce four times as much paper as an acre of timber can. And whereas trees require 10 to 50 years to grow to a useful size, marijuana matures in only four months. Newspapers use a lot of paper. The owners of newspapers had vertically integrated themselves an interest in wood-pulp paper industry, and they didn’t want any alternative paper made from legal marijuana to lessen their profits.

Time magazine is the #1 destroyer of the environment on the planet and criminal-co-conspirator to FALSE Illegal and unconstitutional incarcerations of 10’s of millions of INNOCENT Americans!

WHY? Because the name ‘TIME’ is pithy! It has so much meaning and so much CREDIBILITY as a name brand that it is very very – neh – EXTREMELY difficult to refute stories written under that BRAND UMBRELLA!

All NEW hot-shot cannabis goes gangster styles with upscale, tasteful, classy, stylish – And even Humane!

We do not kill white leopards or white tigers! – We just make REALISTIC fur coats outa hemp that make you look wilder – And feel better!

This Brand is so radical IT IS WEAPONIZED!

Damn right baby-boy get your NEWMATICS AI/OS!

Don’t shoot your eye out and DO NOT POINT NEWMATICS AI/OS @ anyone you do not wish to ELIMINATE!

For more info: www.Wowls.com/fashions/

Contact us : Friend.seocompany@gmail.com Contact - +92-3157325922 (Whatsapp)

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