Supercharge Your Driving Skills with Our Ultimate Brain Food Guide

Supercharge Your Driving Skills with Our Ultimate Brain Food Guide

It is said that everything that occurs happens twice, firstly in our brain and then in actions. The brain plays a crucial role in our existence. The human body’s movements, thoughts, etc., depend solely on it. This essential part of your body functions as per the energy you get from your daily diet. Yes! Your memory, mood, focus, and everything depends on the quality of your diet.

Hence, ensuring optimal brain functioning while performing dynamic tasks like playing, swimming, and especially driving is necessary. Moreover, you should know that approximately 3000 deaths occur yearly due to a lack of focus while driving.

But you do not need to worry! This blog will teach you the best brain food to supercharge your driving skills and why it is essential to have a healthy diet for drivers.

What is the Connection Between Food and the Brain?

Just like a car needs fuel, the human body, including the brain, requires energy to function. Your body receives this energy by breaking down glucose molecules with the help of oxygen. The glucose enters your bloodstream and reaches various organs, the brain, and cells, providing them with the energy required to perform their tasks. That is why the brain chemistry gets affected due to an inadequate supply of glucose in controlled eating, malnourishment, starvation, etc.

Now if you are wondering why human beings feel happy, satisfied, sleepy, and irritated, as per the food they consume, it is so because your brain is connected to the food you consume especially, a channel of message transmitters, also known as neurons, between your stomach and brain. This channel of neurons is also known as the gut-brain axis. Therefore, your brain receives the status of your food consumption from the food inventory of the human body (stomach) and further passes on the signal to make you feel hungry, irritated, low, etc.

The Importance of a Healthy Diet for Driving Individuals

A human body’s caloric needs are only about 80% per its consumption rate, leaving the brain with the remaining 20%. But it is not just about eating; maintaining a healthy diet is also important. Having an unhealthy diet can also lead to depression or anxiety. On the contrary, the immediate effect of maintaining a healthy diet is that it will generally make you feel good, satisfied, and calm. And as far as driving is concerned, maintaining a healthy diet is just as necessary as getting driving lessons.

While driving, a healthy diet will help you stay alert, have an exceptional presence of mind, and have sharp reflexes while driving. Also, the lethargy and bloating due to an unhealthy meal will not be there. In contrast, you will feel excellent and full of energy. Thus, food plays an important role.

10 Must-Eat Food That Will Provide Fuel to Your Brain

A healthy body and mind can be achieved by consuming a nutritious diet. Moreover, various mental health cases like depression, stress, etc., arise due to the consumption of bad, unhealthy, and inadequate food. Thus, you must focus on maintaining a healthy diet. So, here is a list of must-eat food that will fuel your brain.

1. Oily Fish

Omega-3, Omega-6, and linoleic acid are vital for the functioning of your brain. Unfortunately, it can’t be produced by the human body. That is why you should eat oily fish, such as salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines, etc., as they are an excellent source of EFAs.These fishes form omega-3 fats in the form of EPA and DHA.

2. Wholegrains

The human brain receives energy from glucose, like the human body. A steady supply of glucose via blood gives this energy to the brain. Therefore, consuming glucose-rich food is necessary.

Whole grains are the best food for the brain as they release their energy slowly into the bloodstream, which helps keep you alert for a longer duration. Moreover, not eating enough whole grains leads to brain irritability and fog.

3. Blueberries:

A study at Tufts University discovered that consumption of blueberries can boost short-term memory. Similarly, red cabbage and blackberries are other options to delay short-term memory loss because they all share the same compounds known as anthocyanins.

4. Eggs:

Eggs rank among the healthiest and most popular foods globally. They are pocket friendly and full of nutrition and protein.

A study by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition discovered eggs improve cognitive performance in adults. Eggs are the most flavorful, simple, and healthy food options.

5. Pumpkin Seeds:

Pumpkin seeds boost our mental health and mood and enhance memory. Pumpkin seeds are richer in zinc than others, nuts, and even beef. v. Pumpkin seeds are also considered the precursor of serotonin and provide the brain with a significant amount of melatonin.

6. Lamb

A study in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease discovered lamb out of other red meats improves long-term cognition. It also improved the fluid intelligence scores of the weekly lamb consumers. Moreover, lamb is also an excellent source of rich protein.

7. Leafy Greens

Leafy greens or leafy vegetables, such as kale, sage, spinach, etc., are nutritious and exceptionally beneficial for the human body and brain. There are a lot of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in green vegetables. They also help our brain by boosting brain memory and concentration.

8. Tomatoes

Tomatoes can prevent free radical damage to your cells as they have lycopene in them. These radical damages usually occur in the case of dementia or, in other words, Alzheimer’s. Tomatoes can be best absorbed by your body when cooked in olive oil. Moreover, they are also an outstanding source of phytonutrients and antioxidants necessary for a healthy brain.

9. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains cocoa, which is also called cacao.  Flavonoids, one kind of antioxidant, are present in cacao.

Brain health relies significantly on an adequate intake of antioxidants.  Because of its susceptibility to oxidative stress, the brain experiences age-related cognitive decline and illnesses.

The brain seems to benefit from cacao flavonoids.  A 2013 review found that cocoa may promote the growth of neurons and blood vessels in some brain areas crucial for memory and learning.  This indicates that they may potentially enhance cognitive function.  They might also improve the brain’s blood flow.

10. Coffee

Many people drink coffee as a concentration booster for improved productivity through alertness. Caffeine in coffee suppresses adenosine in the brain and prevents sleepiness.

In addition to increasing alertness, a 2018 study suggests caffeine may improve the brain’s processing capabilities. According to several studies, caffeine raises brain entropy, enabling a higher processing capacity for the brain.


Now you’re aware of the best food for your brain, do not fail to add them to your daily diet because once you do that, you will see how your diet works wonders on your brain, eventually sharpening your driving skills.

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