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Supercharge Your Business Advertising with Social Media Marketing via Instagram


Online Social media marketing platforms play a vital role to bring in targeted traffic to your business. Gone are the days when social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook were only used for posting personal photos and status updates. Businesses started to levy the power of social media, and this gave them thundering success. The best part of social media marketing is that it is free and you do not have to spend a lot of money on promoting your business product or service. At the same time, social media platforms largely help you to generate targeted traffic to your website and help you reach your advertising goals better overpaid campaigns that may or may not click!

Reaching out to your targeted audience with the right product or service

When you are reaching out to the targeted audience, you must have the right product and service to trigger sales and generate returns on investment. For instance, if you are a seller of T-shirts, you must advertise your products to people in the age group of 16 years to 40 years aggressively. There are people above the age of 40 years that buy T-shirts however individuals in that age group are very selective, and they will look for products that suit their image and lifestyle. Here, you need to be cautious with the marketing campaign as you have to promote or advertise your product in such a way where you will get buyers. You may create T-shirts with responsible slogans to reach out to the targeted audience and appeal to them. Like for example, a T-shirt with the message- Save Water can appeal to responsible elders in the age group of 40 plus.

Create an advertising campaign on social media to generate more inbound traffic

When you wish to increase traffic and create leads for your products, the first thing you should do is connect with your targeted audience. It is here; you must create an advertising campaign and study the demographics of the market. Most social media platforms have advertising tools to help you. It is obvious that when you think of social media advertising, you will choose Facebook and Twitter convinced that their engagement levels are high. However, if you take a look at statistics today, you will find that Instagram is at the top of the list when it comes to boosting engagement levels for your business and generating a better-targeted audience for your product or service.

Why is Instagram so popular today?

You may be wondering how a mobile application like Instagram is at the top of the list when it comes to social media marketing? The answer is simple- Instagram is a visual platform with an easy interface. It has a host of attractive photo filters that you can use to advertise your product and reach out to the targeted audience. At the same time, the platform can be downloaded to your smartphone and updated as you are on the move. You do not have to buy an expensive camera to take pictures of your product for advertising it online. Snap a shot with your smartphone and apply a filter to create stunning effects. In this way, you can increase followers for Instagram and get more likes and shares.

Moreover, if you manage to click stunning pictures with the right hashtags, location tag and caption you will quickly convert a visitor into a loyal customer soon. The best part of Instagram is that there are more than 800 million users and they are looking for you. Most of the users are in the age group of 18 years to 30 years. They are the ones that daily make purchasing choices and so if you can advertise your product successfully on Instagram you get the chance to supercharge your business and create a loyal brand following. This results in more and more people noticing your product. Instagram allows you to use videos and Stories to connect with your targeted audience.

Build customer relationships

Instagram helps you to build and establish successful customer relationships. You can spark off interactions through pictures and videos. Experts in the field of social media marketing state that videos today have better conversion rates over images. On Instagram, you are allowed to share videos that are from 15-30 seconds. A good video will lead to feedback. You may strike up conversations with your customers and gradually build a personal relationship with them. For instance, when you are advertising or even promoting a new product, you just have to share a picture of it with an attractive caption and ask your targeted audience about how they feel about it. This will give you an idea of whether your audience likes your product or not. If you have a physical address, you may encourage your customers to drop down at your store and check the product out. Restaurants benefit greatly from Instagram. Restaurant owners can share pictures and images of their special dishes and share them online.

Users can also market your brand

When you are creating content for your business, you can make use of content that has been shared by your audience to invoke confidence and trust. Instagram helps every business to explore and discover new customers daily. The moment you create a hashtag, a new link to your business is created, and people visit your page to explore. In short, with Instagram, you can widen your reach and increase targeted audience daily. Experts say when you are using Instagram, make sure that you are regular with your posts so that your followers are treated to something new daily. The hashtags and the captions are enough for them to notice your product and respond!

Therefore, if you are a business owner and are not using Instagram for your company, register on this popular social media platform today. Instagram is one of the easiest social media platforms online. Supercharge your business and see lead conversions and returns on investment increasing rapidly!

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