Steps to Finding the Right CPA in Israel

Finding a CPA in Israel is easy; you can check the online directory, set a meet, and hire a nice CPA. However, that’s just hiring a CPA and not necessarily the right fit for your needs. If you want to hire a CPA who will be with you for long, help you grow, and keep you updated on the changing dynamics, you need to hire a reputable and reliable CPA. 

CPAs can do more than filling your taxes and crunching your financial numbers. For instance, from the information on Philip Stein’s website and with CPAs experience and expertise, you stand to gain a lot, benefits that you can only enjoy if you hire knowledge leaders. Though with all the options available, it can seem like a daunting challenge, you can narrow your search if you use the right criterion.  Below are the steps to follow to ensure you hire the right CPA for your needs.


Referrals are an excellent starting point as they help you to narrow down your search from a large pool quickly. As you consider referrals, however, don’t just ask your referrer for their CPA; find out what they like about them. Is it their undying devotion, immediate support, maybe it is their charisma or even because they have a common interest such as golfing. Find out what makes the CPA a right fit for your needs since what makes them great for your referrer may not cut it for you.

Check out the CPA

After narrowing your search to a few choices, the next step is to check their website. Check what other clients are saying about them. Although you can expect a few negative reviews, see to it that they are not leaning towards a similar concept such as several poor customers support complains. You can also check out reviews from independent website to paint a better picture of what to expect from your chosen CPA.

Set an interview

The tax period is fast approaching, and you don’t want to be late. That can push you to hire a CPA without observing due diligence hurriedly. Don’t be in a rush to hire a CPA as you may get one who doesn’t understand your line of business, causing more inconveniences than late tax filing. Set up an interview, if possible, a face to face or video conferencing. That way, you can gauge the CPA’s capability and get an emotional view of how much they like your line of work.

Consider how experienced they are, if they have clients in your industry, other qualifications, and services they offer, and their charges. With such information, you can narrow your search to two or three CPAs who matches your needs and budget.

Get unbiased opinion

After hiring a CPA, you may want to keep them for long. However, for that to happen, you need to be confident that they are up to your needs. The most straightforward approach is to hire a professional for an unbiased review of your CPAs work. If they spot no mistakes, then you can keep them for as long as you need to.

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