Some creative ideas to decorate the house and make it beautiful

Some creative ideas to decorate the house and make it beautiful

Our house is not just a place that we can crash in after a long day, it is our sanctuary. We consider it as our safe haven where we can be ourselves and do whatever we want to. It is soothing to imagine stepping into your home after you are dead tired and just lying down on your bed, snacking and watching Netflix.

However, apart from being our comfy abode, our home is also a personal statement as it says a lot about us and our behavior. Imagine a house that is meticulously clean, where everything is at its right place, not even an inch amiss. You would probably think the person living there has OCD. Now envision the opposite scenario where the house is a complete mess.

The owner would probably come off to you as a depressed or messy person. So, you see you speak a lot about yourself from your surroundings. And well who would like to walk in a messy place after a long tiring day?

The celebrity houses that we stalk on the internet look that way because it involves a lot of money and famous interior designers’ opinions. But, we are in no way suggesting that you should do the same. There a still a lot of things that you can do in a minimal budget to make your place cozy and comfy. Here are some creative ideas that you can use to give your house a modern and beautiful look:

1. Get organized

This sounds simple, and you probably did not want to hear it. But well this is the first and the hardest step that you need to take. We know getting organized is the last thing on your mind especially if you have a lot of other things on your plate. This could be your kids or a hectic job that needs you to rush out of your home every morning.

However, adding a few things that help you get structured will make a lot of difference. For example, you can get a classy coat hanger that you can keep near the door to avoid a pile of coats lying around the sofa. You can also get a small shoe cabinet to keep near the door. You can keep your everyday shoes in it. Also, tidy up that bookshelf and organize those books from the tallest to shortest. Moreover, washing dishes on time will bugproof your apartment. Occasionally, you can use some plant-based pest control sprays to make sure your home is protected.

2. Decide a theme

By a theme, we mean that you should decide on the colors that you would like. Usually, dark colors give a more suffocating feeling as they absorb all the light and light colors make a room look fresh and airy. You can perhaps opt for a contrast. For example, you can have three walls as light blue and one wall with your bedside or TV as dark blue. Or you can use a nice wallpaper to spice up things a little bit. You can also paint your entire place white and add colors through curtains or some nice art work.

3. Build a reading corner

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If space allows, you can build yourself a nice, cozy reading corner. All you need is an organized shelf, and you can keep a bench with a pillow, and it will be good enough. Other than that, if you have space near a window, you can keep a nice couch there. Some sofas and couches come with books’ space underneath them, you can use them; they will use less space and fulfil the purpose as well.

4. Go natural

You can give your place a fresh look by adding in some indoor plants and fresh floral arrangements. If you have a balcony, you can keep some plants there. The best plant is perhaps a money plant since you can decorate its vine on the wall as it grows. Get some stylish, modern vase and fresh flowers and keep them on kitchen counters or the dining table.

5. Show off your collectibles


If you have a hobby of collecting something such as mugs or candles or coins, you can always put them up on display. Get a shelf and make some place in your drawing room. Organize your collectibles in that shelf. This way all your collectibles will be in one place, and you can show them off to your guests.

6. Get some funky lighting

By funky we don’t mean you should install disco lights in your home, rather we mean something that gives your place a modern, chic look. You can get a cool pendant light and put it up over your dining table. Also, you can get a sophisticated, bold floor lamp and keep it besides your TV. Other than that, you can get some cool table lamps and keep them on your bed side tables.

7. Add cushions

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If you have a monotone sofa, you can put on some colorful cushions on it to brighten up your living room. You can do the same with your bed; this will not only add color but give it a cozy feeling as well. Moreover, instead of adding a lot of sofas in your living room, you can add a big one. And instead of single seater ones, you can put up some cushions floors. This will save space and give your place a nice look.

Perhaps one of the reasons we enjoy vacations so much is because of the hotel rooms. We are always excited to check them out because they give us a break from our monotonous homes and they look prettier too. However, if we spice up our homes a little, we can enjoy them as well. These are some of the most affordable ideas that you can easily implement. Keep experimenting with such ideas to change the look of your place. While changing furniture can be costly, you can always change sofa covers, art work, and curtains.

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