When businesses move in a new direction, they often have new leaders at the helm. In the case of CBD and hemp extract company Socati, that transition is being led in many ways by its senior vice-president Dr. Frances Gilman. As a company making significant progress in such areas as broad spectrum non-detectable THC, THC-free, water-soluble CBD, and other aspects of this new and innovative industry, Dr. Gilman is at the forefront of what many in the industry believe is only the beginning of a worldwide market increase.

Using her academic background of a PhD in microbiology, Dr. Gilman has helped Socati make a smooth transition into this industry. Having spent most of her professional life in academics, Dr. Gilman never expected to find herself as a senior vice-president of a corporation. However, while working in Greenland conducting climate change research, she learned of an opening for a microbiologist at Blue Marble Biomaterials, a company focused on creating natural compounds for the food and fragrance sectors. Applying for and receiving the job, Dr. Gilman eventually played a big role when Blue Marble was acquired by Socati.

Though still conducting extensive research in such areas as THC-free and CBG, CBC, CBN, and how various types of cannabinoid ingredients can be used in broad-spectrum cannabinoid products around the world, Dr. Gilman is also spending time building additional teams of researchers at her company. But to build a successful team, she is taking the time to get to know everyone and their capabilities and specialties. By doing so, she believes this will set the stage for future success.

Having gained much acclaim over the years for her efforts in research and development as well as other related areas, Dr. Gilman has taken those talents and skills and used them very well within a manufacturing environment. For example, in looking to create products that are as natural, sustainable, and safe as possible, Dr. Gilman and her team pay close attention to what types of solvents are used in the hemp extraction process. Rather than using solvents that are petroleum-based, scientists at the company instead use bio-solvents. By making this one important change, the company has also been able to greatly reduce its waste products, and are in fact converting much of the waste products into various other products.

As demand for water-soluble CBD, non-detectable THC, THC-free and other hemp-related products continues to grow and expand, Dr. Gilman is expecting great things ahead for her company. Along with it being used more and more in such products as lotions and other skin care products, she believes hemp and CBD will also become very important in the area of nutraceuticals. With consumers demanding more and more products that are environmentally-friendly, she believes her company is positioned for substantial growth.

With relatively few women working as researchers in this industry, Dr. Frances Gilman has not only become a well-respected business executive, but also a role model for other women wanting to enter the field of research and development. Because of this, she often takes time to address various conferences and seminars focused on women entrepreneurs, opportunities for women in STEM, and other related areas. In being able to tell her own story and share her experiences, she has without a doubt served as an inspiration to other young women who someday dream of owning their own business or making major contributions to scientific research.

Whether she is working on her latest experiment, speaking at a business conference, or having a meeting with her team regarding the latest innovative products, Dr. Frances Gilman leads the way in a new and exciting business world.

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