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Are There Side Effects Associated With Teeth Whitening?


As you focus on teeth whitening, it is important also to find out whether there are side effects associated with it. There are two main side effects associated with teeth whitening; sensitivity and irritation. 

Tooth sensitivity 

The process of teeth whitening involves scrubbing the outer layer of the teeth which exposes the system pores.

You are likely to feel extra sensitive as the dentist applies the whitening hydrogen peroxide. Though this sensitivity could persist for a couple of hours, it is temporally.

Mouth irritation 

This is the main side effect that many people experience after a teeth whitening procedure. The irritation is felt on soft mouth tissues especially the gums.  This irritation mainly comes from the whitening mouth tray as opposed to the bleaching agent.

It is likely to be more if the mouth trays are not fitted appropriately. Like tooth sensitivity, mouth irritation is also temporary and ebbs out shortly after the process is completed.

If you experience persistent sensitivity, make sure to use the following methods to address it;

  1. The dentist will recommend the food you are supposed to take. These are foods that mainly include calcium, vitamin A, and essential minerals.
  2. Use toothpaste that is recommended by the dentist for sensitive teeth. In some cases, the dentist could recommend fluoride toothpaste to help remineralize the teeth.
  3. Make sure to regularly use E-Swab Vitamin on the gum to clear temporary irritation.
  4. Carefully follow the teeth sensitivity and report to the dentist if the problem is persistent. Besides, you should note the time of teeth whitening and make sure to mention to the dentist during the regular dental check-ups. This will ensure that he inspects the teeth more thoroughly for any related issue.

Like other medical procedures that come with various side effects, you should expect some minor discomfort. However, the advantages of having the teeth cleared far outweigh the side effects.  

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