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Should you buy, rent or lease a franking machine?

Franking machines are becoming more and more common in businesses across the UK. Advances in technology have allowed franking machines to come with more features and abilities than ever before. Both large and small businesses are seeing that they could benefit from franking machines. However, it poses the question of what franking machine you would like and what contract should it be part of? Here, we go over why your company would benefit from a franking machine and whether that machine should be bought, rented or leased.

The benefits of a franking machine

A franking machine in the workplace will save your business time and money. By calculating costs and placing appropriate signage, a franking machine significantly reduces the amount of time that employees have to take to send mail. It also means that over stamping will not occur, as well as stopping under stamping which can be embarrassing and harm business relations. Franking machines that come with Royal Mail’s Mailmark feature gives your business ultimate control of your post with an extra dimension of information being given through the Royal mail’s online system. If this is combined with the Business Mail Advance (BMA) product via Mailmark franking, your business can get the opportunity to frank at an extremely discounted price with no need to reclaim rebates, as well as no requirement to submit of sales orders with price adjustments managed directly by the meter manufacturer. Utilising these more premium features of franking machines can help save significant amounts of money and time for businesses that send significant amounts of mail.


Buying a franking machine is one option for franking. For most large businesses, or any business that sends a lot of mail, the upfront and running costs of the franking machine will be quickly overtaken by the everyday saving on postage costs. The downside to buying a franking machine is that it doesn’t necessarily come with the same guarantees that a contract may have, such as maintenance.


Renting a franking machine offers all the benefits of a franking machine alongside the bonus of most contracts including continued maintenance and insurance for your franking machine. This means any issues or difficulty your franking machine may have will get quickly sorted as the machine can be fixed or replaced by the company employed in the contract. This way the franking machine will be available for your employees all the time without delay – maximising productivity and efficiency. Plus, you can renew your machine when it gets outdated.


Leasing a franking machine allows you to borrow a larger franking machine with affordable monthly or quarterly payments. This leasing agreement will most likely be over a longer term than a rental and will include maintenance into the deal.

Check out franking machine quotes and find out what would suit your business the most. Buy, rent or lease a franking machine and see the benefits it could bring to your company.

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