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SEO Tips from Experts on How to Survive the COVID crisis

The COVID crisis is not yet over. Just because lockdown restrictions are slowly lifting and people are returning to work doesn’t mean the danger of COVID is going anywhere. There are many things in our daily life we’re still scared of doing such as entering crowded train compartments or eating outside. Then there is the deep economic impact of COVID that continues to hurt businesses buy bitcoin with prepaid card.

If you think you’ve already survived the COVID crisis, think again. SEOs are not having the times of their lives either. Many are facing scrutiny for the job they’re doing. Some are even being forced to take lower wages or leave their jobs entirely.

In order to strengthen their jobs or portfolio in the market, SEOs need to show their knowledge and skills and help their clients and employers survive this tough time. If SEOs do manage to help their companies thrive during this tough time, they can always cite their performance in the worst time in the history of digital marketing to prove their worth.

The problem for SEOs doesn’t just end at helping their respective websites. A new core update in May sent reverberations across the board and changed search rankings for a large proportion of websites. Every SEO knows the sweeping impact a new search algorithm update has. All these factors together make it a big challenge for SEOs to survive this testing time.

In this article, we discuss some tips from experts on how to survive the COVID crisis.

Remember E.A.T

In difficult times, it is best to fall back on the fundamentals. The fundamentals of SEO are expertise, authority and trust, acronymized as EAT.

The two pillars of SEO – content and backlinks, have to both be created keeping in mind EAT guidelines. The content created should reflect expertise, have authority, and be trusted.

All these guidelines put together are essential for making sure the SEO optimality of a website is able to make it through

Publish Long Content and Keep Adding to it

It is wiser to target specific keywords and get high ranking on them through long content. The tactic of bulldozing competition through longer content is used a lot amongst SEOs. For keywords with less competition, beating a website with longer content is the best tactic. SEOs must also remember to keep updating the content they write.

In Conclusion: The COVID 19 pandemic has upturned the course of all marketing strategies, tools, and processes. In this tumultuous situation, marketers have to remap their strategies. In this article, we discussed SEO tips from experts on how to survive the COVID crisis.

About the Author: Gitanshi Sharma is an SEO executive and Digital marketer. She currently works as a consultant at DelhiCourses.in, a good place to take up a digital marketing course in Delhi.

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