Russia: Google removes Putin critic’s ads from YouTube


    Videos showed that Navy Granny had demanded the Russians to take part in protest against the increase in the retirement age of September 9.

    One of Mr Navalny’s allies said that the removal of ads is the “political censorship” amount.

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    Google said that all advertisers need to follow the local laws.

    Russia authorities demanded giant technology to remove the video for the last month that they are unlawful in the context of the rules surrounding Russian.

    The rules are prohibited to prevent political campaign within 24 hours of a public survey.

    Google said in a statement, “We consider all legitimate resignations from state institutions.”

    “We also need advertisers to follow the local law and our advertising policies.”

    Demonstration against retirement age plans in Russia – On September 9, 60 to 65 men and women for women 55 to 60. Russia is expecting the current life for men.

    On the same day, elections of the regional governors in the country were fought.

    According to a rights monitoring group OVD-info, more than 800 protesters were detained and were killed with sons.

    The group said that in 19 Russian cities there were incidents in Saint Petersburg.
    Mr Navy planned to lead Moscow’s protest – but last month he sentenced 30 days to break the rules around public demonstrations.

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    He has rejected all the allegations against him and said that the jail terms are trying to end his political campaign.

    Google has removed the publicly holding publicly-held advertising campaign.

    In the beginning of this year, he banned the advertisements targeting voters in the Republic of Ireland.

    At the moment, the giant technology said that this move was part of the effort to maintain the integrity of the election around the world.