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From the third video depiction

“There won’t be a war. I give you my grave word on that. No war. This won’t occur, it can’t occur on the grounds that My Father won’t permit it. Regardless of what sort of show Kim gives he isn’t God. He may think he is, an incomparable being most importantly others yet in fact, he is a next to no man in pants that are far too huge for him and they are coming down to uncover his exposure. Also, that’s true.

“There will be no war as of now, Clare. How might I help through with all that is set before you and the general population I have been bringing along on the channel, how might I permit war at such a critical time? Indeed, this would fit Obama’s motivation to a “T” however nor is Obama God, however he might want to declare himself accordingly.

“There is an excessive amount of to be finished. It has been started and it will be done. What I have done and am doing with this nation will come to culmination, I simply requirement for all of you to be on the caution and appeal to God for your leader. This is the genuine emergency, not the little man with a hot catch. He is past melancholy Clare, route past forsaken and he will be removed from the way. The Korean individuals too are slated for restoration. They have shouted out and My Father has heard them, they to be sure will be added to the Kingdom. You can look all you need to at news sources, however recollect that I have the last say Read more.

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