Reasons Why Bitecnology is Your Trusted Mixing Tank Partner


    The concept of came into being after a series of discussion with our Italian customers and others from around the globe. We have been a market leader in the production of various tanks and other products for over three decades. Our clients include players in food, waste recycling, and ceramic industries among others.

    About us

    We are a customer-centered company, where a customer is not just a buyer but a crucial part of our business. At BI tecnlogy, reliability and trust are at the core of our operations, which explains our long history with most of our clients. We remain a step ahead of the pack by supplying quality products that exceed our customer’s expectations.

    We value our customers and strive to offer the best experience by providing quality products. BI tecnlogy has a wide range of products to offer our customers to suit different customers’ tastes and preferences.

    Our field of operations

    We manufacture different products for both domestic and industrial purposes. Our products are customized depending on the client’s requirement. Some of the most popular products include; pumps of different sizes, Melters groups, deferrizers, agitators, metallic clothing, filters, mastelli, and mill unloading groups. Our prices for all products are reasonable, and there are no hidden charges.


    It is mandatory for any service company in the European Union to have a regulatory mark due to safety concerns. We are accredited and compliant with the industry standards and have the necessary certifications to carry out our operations.

    Our products have a CE label to prove that they are certified. We ensure our finished products attain the mark of quality to enable our clients can have faith in us. Due to this, we have built a brand that inspires confidence in our customers. Our products have received certification from external bodies, which explains why they enjoy a competitive advantage in the market.

    Mixing Tanks

    We offer industrial tanks to our clients. We ensure we tailor make your mixing tank requirements depending on your preference. Our tanks have a warranty and should you notice any defect such as a leak; our staff will be at hand to inspect and remedy the problem.

    Visit our website and complete a quotation form. One of our company’s representative will contact you for further deliberations. We are also available on the phone 24/7. Our staff is well trained and experienced and are ready to address any of your concerns.