Rapists should be hanged, says Punjab ex-CM Badal

    Reading the news of Saddam is a painful experience, and shameful for the country. We should respect women. Akali Padrishash said, "Anyone involved in an offense crime against women should be hanged."


    Former Punjab Chief Minister Parash Singh Badal condemned the capital punishment for the invaders. “There is an extraordinary knowledge of disturbing the news of the attack, and the country is incredible,” Akali Padrishash said. We should respect women. Those who enjoy faulty mistakes against women should be executed. ” He was talking on the eighth memorandum of Indian Times’s Chandigarh version.

    Recognizing the press as the fourth major government ruler of the majority, he said in a statement that he was imprisoned for “19 months” to fight for “pressure and human rights.” The change in 1975 was imprisoned when the Congress government crashed the crisis in the country.

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    Security in the BB Group, cloud said that many people do not know about the daily paper, Akalal heart pioneer Cinder Singh Leal Para, who had started. “It’s an important central newspaper to go with my daily tea.”

    Claiming that “the number of people engaged in gardening in the nation is engaged with gardening”, he said daily paper papers should be dedicated to the subject page.

    Regarding administration, a year ago to survey the Congress-made bailes, he managed to manage his administration in Punjab a year ago in spring, he said, “A legislation has taken every young man’s occupation Can not offer, however, it can be prepared with a stabilization. “He told the administration that they should not close the schools they considered to be open and fair for the poor.

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    Pointing to the time of fear, he said that Punjab already has a major deal and it is the most important thing to keep peace and common agreement in the state and nation “for which political parties will meet “.

    The cloud further added that three neighboring states, Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, who were available at Chief Minister’s capabilities – should not be at least twice a year to determine the issues. “There should be talk of water and pollution problems,” he said. The depth of regular water is getting pollution from Himalal Pradesh, which should be organized. ”

    Badar thanked Chief Minister Captain Amirinder Singh to admire the Past Government (Trouble BJP) to build similar remedies. “I urge the current government to keep the break up.”

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