Professional Pandemic Office Cleaning: 5 Benefits and Improvements


    A clean, sanitary office is crucial in order to keep your employees, clients, and customers safe.

    When it comes to professional pandemic office cleaning, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

    Read on for a list of five benefits and improvements that are key when it comes to commercial office cleaning so you can ensure a safe workplace for all.

    1. Preventing the Spread of the Virus

    Making key cleaning improvements will help to keep the coronavirus at bay. Consider hiring a professional office cleaning service that doesn’t just clean your office, but that also disinfects it.

    Using professional or hospital-grade disinfectants can kill the virus before it even has a chance to spread to others. Make sure that all frequently touched surfaces including doorknobs, toilet handles, and kitchen or breakroom appliances are treated.

    2. Pandemic Office Cleaning for Peace of Mind

    While some businesses are allowing their employees to work from home, it isn’t always possible for every business. In order to help your employees feel safe, professional pandemic office cleaning services are recommended.

    When you use the pros, your workers will know that every single detail of the office or store is being addressed. This will boost morale, improve productivity, and reassure your employees that you’re doing everything possible to keep them safe.

    3. A Better Breakroom

    Professional pandemic office cleaning can also improve the safety of your breakroom. Make sure the refrigerator is completely emptied, cleaned, and disinfected on a regular basis.

    Have employees label their food and always dispose of old food that’s no longer being eaten. Include new products in the breakroom like antibacterial soap and disposable paper towels to encourage proper handwashing.

    4. Reconfiguring Your Office Space

    While professional office cleaning is important during the pandemic, how you use your office layout is also key. Spread desks apart from each other at a distance of at least six feet whenever possible.

    If your office is on the small side, you can add a partition between each desk to protect employees from catching the virus. Another option is to have workers alternate the days they come into the office and the days that they can work from home to minimize risk.

    5. Promote Better Health and Safety

    Combine your new office cleaning services with better access to the things people need to stay safe. For example, place hand sanitizer stations throughout the building and give each employee their own separate bottle.

    Encourage employees to use disinfecting wipes on telephones, mice, and keyboards every day. The more you can promote and encourage these good habits, the safer everyone will be.

    Improve Your Office Through Cleaning

    With professional pandemic office cleaning, you can be sure that your employees stay safe and protected. Use the right tools to help including disinfecting products and professional services so you can provide a safe workplace for all.

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