Problems Faced By French Bulldogs In Winter

Frenchie dog requires a lot of care and love. This helps them to grow and have a healthy lifestyle. This is very important to ensure that the French bulldog doesn’t fall sick and are able to avoid regular visits to the vet. This article deals with the different types of allergies and diseases that the Frenchie might suffer from in this season. Having a fair knowledge about these diseases will help the dog owners to be well prepared. They can take the necessary steps to ensure that the Frenchie is able to have a good life.


The very first problem that the Frenchie face in this season is cold. It is well known that French bulldogs are very sensitive to cold weather which makes it very important for the owners to take extra care of them during the season. However, a runny nose is quite normal and there is absolutely nothing to worry about. It will only be a matter of concern when the symptoms are more than a sore throat or a runny nose. In such a situation, immediate medical attention becomes important. The Frenchie dog should always be kept in warm areas during winters to avoid any kind of complication.


Another problem that is faced by the French Bulldogs is that of allergy. In the winter season, there are many places where it snows a lot. Once the snow is accumulated and the Frenchieis taken out for a walk, they might enter the body of the Frenchie dog from their paws and cause irritation. This makes it very important for the owners to ensure that their dogs wear snowshoes when out for a winter walk. It is recommended to take the dogs to the vet when the paw gets all swollen or becomes itchy.

Breathing trouble

The last point that needs to be noted is that the French Bulldogs often end up facing breathing problems in winter which makes it very necessary for the owners to be aware of the home remedies that would help them to provide some kind of relief to the dogs. The Frenchie dog needs immediate attention in such scenarios or it might worsen and often bring death to the dogs. This makes it very important for the Frenchie to go for a medical checkup before the onset of winter. This will help the doctor to understand if any special treatment is necessary.

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