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Private Equity Firms – Here’s What You Need To Know

As someone who wants to work in a private equity firm, it would be a given fact that you know what all private equity firms handle on a day to day basis. And if you are seeking a career in private equity, then you would be knowing that getting into private equity firms is not that easy. Firstly, the private equity firms don’t advertise their vacancies on the job portals and secondly even the smallest private equity firms seek candidates who have some experience in the field. So let’s find out how does a career in private equity looks like –

Career In Private Equity And Jobs In Private Equity

While you have been planning a career in private equity and gearing up for it by getting the right education, skills, credentials and certifications, did you know that you would need more than education, credentials and certifications, to get a job in private equity? Yes, education plays an important role in getting a job in any profession, however, at times there are other soft skills as well that come handy when seeking a career in particular field and in this instance seeking a career in private equity.

So what are those soft skills that would set you apart from your competition at the interview? Certification is one. Then comes your soft skills like being with people and working with them in close quarters, doing heavy research, analyzing and presenting the data and of course managing finances.

Now that you know what a career in private equity would look like, let’s take a look at how the recruiters or the hiring managers select their prospective employees in a private equity firm. As you might be aware that there are no predefined stages to start your career in private equity firms but let’s read on what top private equity firms want in their candidates both at the entry level and at the managerial level.

What Are Top Private Equity Firms Looking For In Prospective Candidates?

Going by the fact that even the top Private Equity Firms are smaller in size as compared to investment banks, it would not be surprising to find that there are set jobs for each and every individual on the firm – whether at a managerial level or at the entry level. And while the entry level jobs in Private Equity would either be of an Analyst or an Associate – depending upon your qualification and experience. Yes, experience is of utmost importance in Private Equity firms, as there are no chances of any errors. You can gain that experience either as an investment banker if seeking a job at managerial level or through internships within financial firms, if seeking a job in private equity at entry level.

Considering the fact that a private equity firms deals with numerous vectors of finances, it is quite important to match your skills to the experience if you want to surge ahead in your career. As stated earlier along with skills and experience, certifications is another way to ensure that you stay ahead in your career.


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